Why Use Lasers in Your Lighting? + Who should add lasers to their show?

Why Use Lasers in Your Lighting? + Who should add lasers to their show?

In this post, we’re going to cover some basics of what lasers are and if they are right for you.

Today, more than ever lasers have never been easier and even cheaper to get started with! And for the first time, lasers are within reach of the entry-level and intermediate-level show or service.

Here are some basics of getting started and a few points to consider:

This month on Learn Stage Lighting, we’re covering lasers so be sure to check out the videos that cover how to get started, safely using lasers, and more: Full Laser Playlist

How Do Lasers Work?

A laser is a single point that is able to move very quickly to create patterns, shapes, words, etc. It can be considered as middle ground between a video projection and moving light.

There are two different laser effects that you would see used in lighting.

First, you have the laser scanning through the air where you are looking at the beams in the air.

Why Use Lasers in Your Lighting?

The second type of laser effect that is used is being able to project images, patterns, and even words on a backdrop.

Laser Safety

If you are based in the United States there are going to be rules and regulations to consider when working with lasers. This could also be the same in other countries as well. Always follow ALL safety guidelines and legal requirements in your area!

In some areas, it is required to have a Laser Safety Officer present when using lasers. If it’s not required in your area, you need want to have a laser operator that is designated to making sure that the lasers are being used in a safe manner.

To check on this and get more information on using lasers safely you can always go to the manufacturer and even the company you purchased the lasers from for more information.

Should You Use Lasers in Your Lighting?

Laser have come a long way since they originally came out. In the previous laser era, lasers were not LED, required a complicated cooling system, and a large amount of power to run them. But now, they have come a long way and are LED based, use much less power supply, and doesn’t need a large cooling system to prevent overheating.

When looking at the costs of lasers it may seem expensive at first. But when you factor in the costs of moving lights, a laser would cost similar to what 1 – 2 moving lights would, but can give the look of many moving heads in a completely unique effect.

Lasers have the ability to send out multiple beams of lighting and can cut through the air as well as project lighting on a surface. With lasers, you have the option to create shapes, patterns, and words instead – the sky is the limit!

In a scenario, lasers would be a great fit for a decent size lighting rig that already exists. If you’re looking to add more dynamics to your lighting then lasers would definitely be a good route to consider.

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