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 October 20

by LearnStageLighting.com

Why Should You Use Lasers in Your Stage Lighting?

Welcome to Episode 109 and today, we’re going to discuss lasers and using them in stage lighting. While I covered lasers on our YouTube, I wasn’t able to cover as much as I would like to. So today, we’re going to go a little more into it.

Show Sponsor (1:05)

Today’s sponsor of this episode is X-Laser and the creators of the LaserCube. As part of this show and for today’s listeners, X-Laser is offering $100 off of your purchase of the LaserCube.

To take advantage of this promotion just follow this link: LaserCube Coupon add the item to your cart and during the checkout process you will see the $100 coupon applied.

Main Segment (2:25)

Lasers have evolved so much in such a short amount of time. Back in the day, there were specific laser technicians that were in charge of using the lasers. With it being dangerous and the importance of making sure everything was safe when lasers were in use.

Nowadays, there are a couple of steps when wanting to use lasers in your lighting. There’s a great video that goes more into this: How to Begin with Lasers

Lasers also used more complicated cooling systems, bulkier cables, and were harder to control back in the day.

The Next Stage of Lasers (10:15)

Now, we have tools such as LaserCube that can be connected via USB and you can use a designing tool like the LaserOS. The LaserOS is a free and you can download this to just see how the design process works.

So, why should you use lasers in your stage lighting? One of the important pieces to this is that all of the previous barriers to using lasers has been removed. It used to be difficult to get your variance, and now X-Laser will help customers get these forms completed with ease.

Next, is that lasers use to take a lot of power and space but now, with the advance LEDs it takes less power and is more compact. On the safety side of using lasers, you have a couple of precaution such as knowing how to use them, where to and where not to point them to.

With the previous hurdles now erased, why would you want to use lasers in your lighting. I’ve found two main reasons why you would want to. First, is the wow impact. Such as sending lasers out across a dark space or using lasers to show off logos or words on a side of building.

The second main reason I’ve seen is not as obvious. Let’s say there’s a medium sized lighting rig with about 8 moving lights. If you’re looking to add more of an impact to your lighting rig, should you add 2 more moving lights? They could make a difference and help add a little more to your setup. But what if instead you decided to add a laser to your setup?

Now you have the ability to cut through the moving lights you already have, you can set up words, images, or logos. Just as you would with a moving light you have access to multiple colors. For the cost of a couple of moving lights versus the cost of a laser, you’ll most likely see a larger improvement to your lighting show.

More and more, we’re seeing lasers added to churches, to lighting shows, and so much more. With the knowledge, ease of use, and more cost effective lasers are getting introduced to the industry.

LaserCube Review

There’s so much you can do with lasers and that’s what I’ve been able to discover when working with the LaserCube over the past few months.

Closing (22:56)

Thank you for joining us today and if you enjoy the podcast be sure to leave a review if you haven’t already. Next week, we’ll be discussing visualizers so be sure to tune in!

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