July 7

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Hello friends and welcome to Episode 103! Today, we’re going to have a good mixture of news, the show’s topic, and answering a few of your questions.

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Lighting News (2:28)

If you work with visualizers you may have heard of Capture. There has been a recent update that Capture is now available for download on iOS.

Another app I’ve been working with is LaserOS that is available on Windows, Mac, and Androids.

An article I saw in PLSN about the Keane Tour was very interesting and it the tour was very well put together. Keane Cause and Effect Tour, you can read the article there.

Main Segment (14:29)

There has been a trend to have black backdrops to help fit the more modern look approach. To honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of it in every setup.

The reason why I am not always a fan of black backdrops is that when A light does get shined on it, it’s not very bright. But when you use a lighter backdrop such as the Keane Tour, it opens up the possibility of different looks for your stage.

A good alternative to a black backdrop is a medium to dark gray because you can shine different colored lights on it and it shows really well. Even if you decide to not shine lights on it, it actually looks black.

Nick Sanders (19:13): Nick wants to know if there may be any further updates on D-Pro on iOS.

John Gilbert (22:38): Would like to know if there is any help available in LSL on how to set up and approach using Sound Switch.

Craig Shearer (29:52): How would you recommend going about pricing your services and presenting it to the potential client?

Closing (40:05)

Thank you very much for joining us today, we really appreciate having you here.

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