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 October 6

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting podcast, episode #108. Today, we’re kicking off our latest segment, Why?

We’ll be covering topics, myths, and explore why certain things are set in stone in the lighting industry.

Show Sponsorship (2:27)

The sponsor of today’s show is Learn Stage Lighting Labs. If you’ve been listening for a while you’ll probably already know what it is. If you don’t, Learn Stage Lighting Labs is a paid membership to gain access to our library of lighting tutorials, action plans, personalized support, and our community forum where you’re able to connect with other lighting enthusiasts.

One action plan I would love to highlight is Puntastical. If you’ve been in a situation where you were asked to run lights on the fly. If this a skill you would like to learn more on how to approach and implement, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s been a great tutorial for those who wanted to improve their set up and ability to run lights live to match the music.

Main Segment (4:19)

On to today’s main topic, we’re going to discuss is why do so many people buy the GrandMA console for their churches or bands? What is the GrandMA exactly? I consider the GrandMA the rolls royce of lighting consoles.

What is the GrandMA?

Since the original release of the GrandMA 1, it’s quickly became one of the most professional and sought after lighting consoles. I’ve used it myself and it’s a great console that is very reliable and has many capabilities. But it’s also a very expensive lighting console.

So, why do we see so many people such as small to medium churches and even bands starting out with a GrandMA? With the unit being $6,000, you then need a PC, and you only get 10 faders. As much as I love the GrandMA console, it’s not always a practical choice especially when you compare it to what you can get out of other consoles for a lot less.

Compared to Other Professional Consoles

When you compare the GrandMA to other professional consoles such as Onyx, Hog, or ETC you’ll find that when comparing each of them to the cost, functions, and universes that you’re able to get more for your money compared to what you would get with the GrandMA.

I will say that the GrandMA console is an excellent console that is designed for those who light professionally. The drawbacks of this console is the cost and it’s a very difficult console for those who are new to lighting to learn.

It’s Not Right for Everyone

I always say get the right tool for the job and don’t over buy. Meaning, you don’t always have buy the absolute best tool when you can save money by buying just what you need.

It’s better to know exactly what you want to do with your lighting and to find those tools that will be able to do that job well. If you can learn and master the tools you’re working with now then you can decide if you need to upgrade or add additional lights.

Next time you’re about to purchase something, figure out what your needs are and what you want to accomplish. Then, whether you find it yourself, ask a dealer, or even ask a professional you will probably find that you can use a cheaper alternative and it will be les expensive than you thought it would be. That is money in your pocket and money that you can invest in other pieces of equipement.

Closing (22:10)

Thank you for joining us today and we hope you were able to take something from it. Be sure to join us for the next episode as we explore why you want to consider using lasers in your lighting.

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