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 December 8

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Thank you for joining us today for Episode 112 and during the series of why on the podcast today’s topic is about using green in lighting.

If you’ve asked any lighting designers you may find a common theme that most of them do not like green in their lighting. Why is that and is it justified?

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Main Segment (3:07)

For today’s show, let’s talk about the color green and should you use it in your lighting? Let’s talk about it.

When I had started in lighting using green in your lighting was a big no no and you don’t use it unless you absolutely have to. One of the reasons that I found over time is that green does not compliment certain skin colors.

So, with that issue you don’t want to use green as front light for those on your stage. I would also recommend not using green in any side lights either.

Where does green fit in your stage lighting? I’ve found using green in the back drop or lighting an element on the stage is really good. As long as you can keep the green off the stage memebers, you can use some really great color combinations on the stage.

Such as green and violet, magenta, or different shades of blue can look really great on your stage if paired up appropriately.

Is it Justified?

For the second part of the Why segment, is the hate for green justified? In my personal opinion, no it should not be hated and if used in certain ways it can look really great.

As a stage lighting designer, you want to take a step back and see your stage from up close, afar, and even on camera. Taking out colors like green off of the options list can be very limiting.

With the right mixture, proper stage elements, and where it shines onto can really play in favor.

When LEDs started coming out the green was very harsh and the upside is that if you wanted to make an impact on your stage, green was a great tool to help cut through the color colors.

Now, most lights have come a long way and so has our color pallet. With green and other colors, you have multiple shades you can work with. Green takes many forms and has the ability to play a very interesting part on your stage.

Closing (16:50)

Thank you for joining us today and we hope you were able to take something away on using or not using green in your lighting.

Don’t forget to check out our offer to use the Labs for a month for FREE! If you decide you love it we’d love to keep you on and if you don’t like it then no worries at all you can cancel. Either way, we would love to see you there.

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