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 February 11

by Lyn

In this 3rd Episode,  David Henry discusses where to position your stage lights.

Most of the time, people have already bought their lights and have no idea where to put them.  David will tell you to start with the end goal – your #1 priority for your event.  You will learn that it depends on what type of venue you are planning to light.

David discusses front lighting, backlighting, set lighting and side lighting and the different reasons you may need or not need each one of these angles of lighting. He feels these are the basic lighting set-ups that you would need for most types of venues.

He will go into greater detail in the next podcast about front lighting.

You will also learn that there are no set rules and sometimes you need to experiment what is best for you!

If you haven’t already checked it out –  Learn Stage Lighting Labs: David’s membership community that gives one on one personal help with your stage lighting.


Binil – Wants to start a small lighting company and know what is the best console for a beginner.

Turner – Is looking to start his own small company for audiovisual right out of high school and doesn’t know the first thing about lighting.  He wants to know what lighting to use.

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