When Lighting Isn’t Just Lighting: How Can We Incorporate Video in Our Events?

Are video and lighting the same thing? If they are, how do we combine them together? In this video, David shares how.

Over the past few years video and lighting have really come together as one. Because of this merging together as we are progressing forward in the lighting world, it is essential to discuss.

Integrating Video Into Lighting

Even in these earlier times, you can’t ignore the fact that when we are talking about shooting light out of a lighting fixture, or whether we are talking about shooting light out of a video device, we are working with visuals and light either way.

Pixel Mapping

Because light fixtures now are able to change colors and intensity, we have the ability to put into play what is called ‘pixel mapping’. Pixel mapping is where we take lighting fixtures and place the lights within a screen format which will tell the console where the lights are located. We can then play video and effects on top of the lights to create our display or show.

Video Screens

Often in stage shows you will notice the use of video screens. Whether you choose to run video panels, projection, or perhaps even video displays such as tv’s on stage, they are all essentially forms of integrating video into your lighting.

Whether on the stage itself or environmental, the use of video can really spice up your show.

Environmental Projection

Environmental projection can give some great dynamic effects to your show. This is where you would take video and use it to fill the room, or areas around the stage with video. This is just one of the numerous ways to incorporate visuals into your lighting.


As times change and lighting progresses, it becomes more important to take into consideration if the use of video would fit and flow nicely with the venue of event. Thinking about whether video will help to enhance your event and then deciding how to work it in can really give you a unique and progressive show.


When deciding whether of not to embark on using video in your show there are a couple things to think about. For example, what is the addition of video going to do perspective wise to your event? How will it effect the complication of your design process and the technical details that go into creation? How will it effect the outcome of your show?

When you balance all of those considerations out does the extra complication of adding video elements to your show make it more difficult to use or does it in fact make things easier on you?

One of the most important things to think about is to consider the outcome from the audiences perspective. Will the use of video enhance their experience and make for a better show or would you just be adding it in for the sake of adding it?


When it comes down to it, it has never been easier to integrate the use of video into your lighting event. The decision to go forward with incorporating it in or not really comes down to you and your preference and needs per your venue and/or event.

It’s use can be highly beneficial to give you a fresh, dynamic look for your show and help you put on the best event possible as a lighting professional.

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