February 18

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast Episode # 90

In today’s episode, we have our Q + A Tuesday! We have some exciting lighting news announcements and then we will be answering your questions.

As some of you may know, I will often share Amazon affiliate links to products I recommend. Today’s sponsor of the show is Learn Stage Lighting on Amazon! It doesn’t cost you any extra but if you want to use that link it will help give me a little kickback for recommending items to you.

Lighting News (4:10)

Speaking of free stuff, we just heard about ENTTEC’s Elm being offered for free. WHAT??!! Yes! ENTTEC is offering a FREE ELM license bundled with every purchase of an ENTTEC pixel controller.

You can read more about this offer here: Free ENTTEC ELM Licenses with Pixel Controllers.

Review of the ENTTEC Pixel Octo

Another new announcement is from Novation that they are extending their warranty to 3 years now. Which is fantastic! You can read more about it here.

Main Segment (12:34):

Going forward, we will instead be focusing on Learn Stage Lighting Patrons to answer questions. For just a few dollars a month patrons will be able to submit in questions and have them answered within a month period.

  • (12:36) Sylvain is one of our Patrons for Learn Stage Lighting and he’s the creator of the ONYX Fixture Finder. Sylvain writes in and would really like to see an ONYX Dylos tutorial.
  • (16:00) Franz writes in and is creating a space for theater as well as dance. He would like some feedback on the lights he has currently selected.
  • (20:18) Jeff writes in and has a question about connecting DMXIS and Pro MK II.
  • (22:25) Peter writes in and would like to know how to program his lights with QLab.
  • (24:30) Jason writes in and is setting up LightKey but has some issues with a couple of lights that have a delay compared to the rest of his lights.
  • ( 30:08) Bee writes in and wants to know how they can limit the light movements.
  • (36:38) Amir writes in and would like to know if it’s possible to synchronize Lightkey with Avid Pro tools.
  • (37:57) Andrei writes in and would like to know how to create a fixture in D-Pro.
  • (39:58) Nick writes in and would like to see how to control moving heads with D-Pro. He also has a question about getting LED Strips to work with D-Pro.
  • (42:12) Duncan writes in and has a question about how to set up dipswitches.
  • (42:53) Scott writes in and would like to know if it’s possible to use an Akai Tractor as a midi device for lighting instead of Djing.

Closing (44:30)

That’s all of the questions in the inbox and an end to a great era. We really appreciate everyone writing and look forward to the future of this podcast.

If you have a question about lighting and you’re not a Labs member definitely consider becoming Patron for Learn Stage Lighting. For just $3 a month you can have your question answered within a month at the latest. We would love to see you there!

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