What is Stage Lighting? (And Why Should I Use it?)

Stage lighting, in the obvious realm, is lighting that is on a stage.

Practically, we see that stage lighting provides light for better sight – but that is just the beginning.

Digging deeper, we find that we can shape someones focus with light, drawing their eyes around the stage.

We can communicate emotion using color, dynamic range, gobo patterns and more!

Practical Uses for Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is a practical way to increase attention in a concert, meeting or church service, providing a clear view from few or many rows away.  Really, any time that you have a gathering of people, stage lighting can help improve it!

But lighting isn’t just for the human eye: it can illuminate people and scenery on stage for the camera too, providing broadcast video feeds and IMAG, or image magnification, for viewers in another room, or anywhere in the world!

(and whether you think you are lighting for the camera or not – you are! Nearly everyone in your audience has a phone with a camera on it, and they are using it!)

How Lighting Can Transform an Event of Any Kind

Looking from an abstract level, we can see stage lighting as an immensely powerful tool. 

Lights can enhance the mood in thee room for many types of events.  A “typical” show on a stage, whether that is a performance, worship service or corporate presentation, can be enhanced by the use of stage lighting.  

A talented lighting designer can transform a simple event into something of elegance.  Parties, dances and weddings can be enhanced by simple uplighting or gobo projections.  

Sales meetings can be turned into event remembered all year long, motivating employees via their memories.  

Church services can enhance the communication of their messages via color, form and movement.

Every type of these events has a theme and mood set by the director, producer or pastor.  

Lighting can subtly or boldly add to that mood, making the presentation more powerful. 

Lighting can change color and shape to match the mood being set by the presenter, or even move and flash to communicate energy. 

Lighting can draw congregants or audience members in to focus intently on an important point, and keep their focus on the presenter.  Proper use of lighting can transform a space from bland for fantastic!

Although stage lighting can sometimes get bad rap, when done properly, a good lighting design great enhances the mood and presentation of your service or event.  

Stage lighting is a powerful tool in your hands and mine.  We have been given this tool to enhance messages and provide practical illumination, and you’ve come to the right place to learn more.

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