February 27

by Lyn

In today’s Podcast David talks about DMX or Digital Multi-Plex. It is a digital signal, a serial type signal and runs on the RS485 standard layer and can run up to 512 channels of 8-bit information. Wow, that is a lot of technical information but it is useful to know this information when your learning stage lighting.

DMX is a broadcast style of communication.  You don’t have to have any sophisticated equipment to run this, it is just there and very simple.

Back in time, you had various ways that consoles talked to one another but they were proprietary, they were manufacture specific and they couldn’t talk to one another.

Then RDM came and allowed fixtures to talk to the console upon request. You could look at and change information which you could not do before. Here is a post that goes into deeper detail on RDM.

DMX is 3 pin or 5 pin cable. Why is that we only use 3 of the pins?

They did this because they didn’t want microphones to be plugged into your lighting systems. So if you see a 5 pin plug it is for DMX.  You can not use a microphone cable for DMX as you will be asking for problems!


Vinylmanipul8r wants to know the differences between programs like Chauvet ShowXpress and the New Pioneer Lighting in Rekordbox and Soundswitch.

Jeff wants to know what needs to happen when he changes his Digital Audio Workspace from Cubase to Pro-Tools

Check out this link for a better explanation of this question:

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