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 February 11

by David

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast!

In this debut episode, host David Henry walks you through the very basics of stage lighting.

Topics include parts of stage lighting systems, supplies needed, and tips on choosing your first lighting software and console.

The very first thing you need are – lights!  These may be conventional lights, LED lights or moving lights, and are what we are using to move and shape the mood of a space that we are in.

After the lights comes the cabling.  We’re going to need both power cables and data cables to get the information from our console to our lights.

In the middle of all this, we’re going to need a variety of DMX devices – dimmers, DMX splitters and/or DMX nodes.

Finally, we get back to the console.

Our console is the brains of the lighting rig, and there are a variety of consoles to choose from basic, hardware-only consoles to full-on professional consoles and everything in between.

The last piece of a great lighting rig is you.  While the console may be the brain of the lighting system, YOU are the brain of the console.  You are the most important part of your lighting rig, and investing in you and your education can reap greater rewards than many other investments in your lighting rig.


Jeffery asks about whether he should use a software or hardware based lighting controller.  Here’s a post on how to choose your first lighting console!

Andrew writes in and asks whether he should go with an all-in-one light kit like Chauvet’s Gigbar vs. buying 4 separate lights.

Keith asks about whether he should change his Par 56 cans from Narrow (NSP) to Medium (MFL), in order to blind the presenters less.

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