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This week on the Podcast I’m sharing my trip from Louisville, KY last week where I was able to attend the USITT Show. I am excited to share with you what I saw and new updates to expect.

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Lighting News (0:56)

As I’ve mentioned before on this show before, one of my favorite magazines is the PLSN. I read an interesting piece about Vanguard LED Displays which is a popular brand. It was talking about chip on board or also know as COBS.

Why I found this interesting is that we often see these in lighting. Whenever I see any advertisements the companies normally cover how much brighter these units. But this piece covered how reliable they are. They shared that it was more reliable because it has fewer circuits, components, etc in the units.

We’re starting to see more and more of these COB units coming into the industry so it may be something to pay attention to in the future.

Main Segment (3:56)

Last week I was able to attend the USITT trade show from Louisville, KY. I haven’t done a car cast before but wanted to share some of the things I had seen, new products, and such.

Trade Show Tips

One of the things I wanted to do is when I got to the trade show I walked by every single booth. Because when you go to any type of tradeshow you normally have your favorite brands and booth that you want to go visit, which is great. But by walking by all of the booths you may see a product that catches your attention.

I found this to be a good way to find unique and innovative products that can help you.

About the USITT Trade Show

The USITT trade show is a theater trade show and it focuses on lighting, audio, staging, costume, etc. One of the things I noted about this trade show is that it was a quiet atmosphere. If you’ve been to other trade shows you may notice that booths have music blaring but this trade show was quieter. This allowed for better conversations at the booths.

There weren’t new products as those are introduced later and in bigger shows. But I do like seeing the products and everything up close/

What & Who Was There

I was able to meet in person was Claude of the AVL Media Group. I had just done an interview on their podcast. You can listen to it here: Backstage Cowboys Podcast.

One of the things we talked about was Spotlight which is LED lights that look good as the conventional lamp lights. If you’ve worked in the theater before you notice that conventional lamps there’s a nice warm light that is hard to compare to.

Another thing I noticed was ETC, which is another large company in the theater. They have LED lights and with some field testing, the company decided to extend the warranty to 10 years.

Of course, I had to check out the consoles and one of the consoles there was the Chamsys Quick Q. This is what I would consider an intermediate console. It’s a standalone console with a touchscreen. One of the things I liked is that it has a lot of faders and other cool features. I was impressed and it’s a good console.

Something else that caught my eye was the Cable Munkey. It’s a new product and it’s designed for church or theaters setting. It hooks on the pipe and it has holes in it, and once it hooks on it has 2 hooks that are used for the setup. It’s a high-quality unit and can hold a good bit of weight.

Closing (19:50)

Next week we have our Q+A Tuesday so if you have a question you would like to share be sure to submit it here: Contact Form and there will be an option to allow you to leave your voice message.

We will see you next week!

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