The Hybrid Event – How to Use “Video Lights” With Regular Stage Lighting

Balancing stage lighting, video lighting and the camera can be difficult. Let me show you how to optimize all 3 together for your next hybrid or live stream event!

Balancing Video and Lighting

When we talk about running a hybrid event and having some element of both video and non-video lighting it means that you may have any number of things going on at the same time.

Getting Started

When you are lighting for video, the best place to start is with your front wash. You will set up your front wash and get it to the level of lighting that you feel comfortable with. When deciding exactly where that comfort level lies there is a couple things to take into consideration. If you are lighting purely for video that light level can essentially be anywhere you like. As long as the people being recorded are comfortable and the camera is able to properly expose everything, you are all set!

If you are in a live setting, then it’s advisable to go to the back of the room and see for yourself what looks natural and what looks bright enough without being overly lit. Once you have this situated and are happy with how things look on stage it’s time for the next part of the process.

Camera Exposure

After you have your front light set to the level that you want it you will next take a moment to expose your camera manually. You will also need to take some time to white balance to the color temperature of your light source.


Once your two main elements are balanced, there are a couple other things you want to pay notice to as well, one being the backlight. If you bring the backlight up to full in white you will find that it will turn the people on stage a bit pinkish. Taking out a bit of red and then taking a little time to adjust the color temperature to your liking will make a big difference esthetically.

You may also decide to play with the intensity of the backlight and shift it during your show depending on the person or people on your stage and how it looks as you go along to make sure that everything looks smooth and well-lit throughout.

Different colors in clothes, different skin tones, and changes in closeness to the camera and/or background will alter the way the lighting looks and need to shift accordingly.

Set Lighting

Set lighting can change the look depending on the color and location of the lights. Taking a moment to observe how your set lighting looks with the presenters on stage can make a big difference on the overall appearance of your show. Some colors and/or intensity may not match with every person on stage and will need to be adjusted to maintain the balance visually.

Taking time to optimize your background will ensure that the focus remains on the presenter during your show.


When you have video lighting and stage lighting to mix together it may seem like a lot to organize, but it’s important to remember that at the end of the day it’s all still lighting! Thinking about the camera and ensuring that your front wash is nice and even throughout all parts of your stage is the perfect way to start. The rest is a matter of adjusting your lighting to your preferences so that everything looks perfect on set for your camera and everything can be seen without issue by your audience.

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