The Biggest Secret to Getting a Great Price on Stage Lighting

Once you have an idea of what type and which lights you want to purchase, the next step is getting them ordered! With that, how do you go about making sure you get the best price on your stage lights?

One of the biggest mistakes I see is that someone will plan to order online or use their favorite music dealer to purchase their lights. Today, I am going to share my biggest secret to getting a great price on stage lighting.

Now, before we go any further, I want to share that I have nothing against ordering things online. I personally love shopping through Amazon. But when it comes to purchasing lights, I’ve found a great alternative that helps save time and money.

Contacting a Dealer

If you are purchasing just a couple of par lights, then ordering your lights online will most likely be the best option. But if you are looking to buy 4 or more lights then I recommend checking with a dealer first.

When you’re looking to spend a couple of thousand dollars on lights, then working with a dealer may make more financial sense.

The reason I recommend at least getting a quote from a dealer is because most brands follow the MAP (minimum advertised pricing) method. There is a set price that is the lowest they can advertise, and when you buy online through a website directly, this is the best price you can get.

But, the dealer CAN sell you lights for less than that. They have a price they pay, and when you package multiple lights together you can save big – especially if you’ve built a relationship with that dealer and you’re not a pain in the butt to work with!

Dealers can also save you money by helping you choose the right lights, the first time when you are buying.

Buying a Single Light vs Multiple

From a dealer’s persepective you never what type of customer you will be working with. You can either have the customer who is very new to lighting and calls often with questions. Or it could be opposite side of the spectrum where the customer has worked with lighting, makes the purchase, and you rarely ever hear from them.

When a customer is planning to buy one or two lights, the MAP pricing makes sense for a dealer to work with. However, if you have a customer purchasing multiple lights there’s more wiggle room in the pricing and it can be about the same amount of work for the dealer compared to selling a single light.

Dealers would want customers to know to reach out when buying 4, 6, or more light fixtures to reach out to them and let them give you a quote. Depending on the amount and the type of fixtures, they most likely will be able to give you a better price.

What Type of Dealer Should You Go With?

Ideally, you want to work with a dealer that is knowledgeable about the lights and the lighting industry and if possible someone who is more local.

If you live in a rural area or you don’t feel the local dealer would be a good fit, then reach out to an online dealer. Most of them will have a form to fill out with what you want to purchase.

Online dealers are great to work with as well. Some of them may have better pricing offers if they can avoid the credit card fees if you can pay buy check instead.

The Positives of Working with a Dealer

In my experience, it’s really great working with a dealer. Not only can you save on big purchases. But their knowledge of lighting can really help you if you’re not sure what direction to go.

You’ll have a dealer that you can go to with any warranty issues. Even if the light is out of warranty they may be able to help you with a rental unit instead. Building a relationship with a dealer can really help benefit you in the long run especially if you are a great customer to work with.

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