Something Cool for this Week – What is Learn Stage Lighting Gear?

Our new addition to Learn Stage Lighting Labs can easily save you more than your Labs subscription cost AND get you a great deal. Learn how in this video!

We have a few exciting new things to discuss!

Learn Stage Lighting Labs

Today marks the start of registration for Learn Stage Lighting Labs. We do this publicly four times a year to let people in to get the full training experience.

If you have been following Learn Stage Lighting and are ready to dive deeper into your knowledge of lighting and gain further experience then this is for you!


Registration is open for about a week until it closes until the next time so if you are interested in joining in on this, now is the time to get registered!

Learn Stage Lighting Gear

Equipment sales haven’t been high priority on the list in the past as a small business and channel; especially so because it has been so important for us to remain as unbiased as possible in our recommendations to you, but as we grow we find we are ready to dive into this and provide you all with even more exciting new things in the lighting world.

It is our goal to provide you with the absolute best recommendations, regardless of brand, to give you the perfect experience for your needs when it comes to lighting.

We can now sell you any gear you need from most of the major brands in the US! So whatever you feel will suit your needs best, we can help you with purchasing while maintaining the ability to remain unbiased on what gets sold.


The way that all of this is being structured to ensure that everything remains fair and unbiased for everyone involved is that when sign ups open for Learn Stage Lighting Labs, there will now be an option to join Learn Stage Lighting Gear as well.

This will be an optional approach where you will be able to let us know what lights you have, send photos or videos etc, and ask for options that can make your specific lighting system even better.

David will then look at the entirety of your current set up and make recommendations which will be completely within your lab subscription.

If you then decide that you are ready to buy any of the recommended items, you will be able to talk with David about getting the best possible price for the things you’re interested in using in your lighting set up.


What you will oftentimes find in this industry is that when you are buying multiple pieces of gear, you really should not be paying the “internet price” for your gear. The reason for this is that if you are spending quite a bit on several different items, the time it takes to do the sale is less than it would be if you were instead buying one item at a time here and there, and so you should be getting a better deal for purchasing more at once and saving time.

Because you are invested in your lighting and invested in your labs and really learning and growing as a lighting specialist, we are going to be sure to take the time to review your rig and make all of the best recommendations so that you can be the very best you can be whether the best deal is through us or through someone else.


The exciting part is that this is now an included part of Learn Stage Lighting Labs, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to join in the labs. Be sure to register this week while registration is still open!

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