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 January 5

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to episode 114! It’s a new year, and it’s a good time to consider our goals for the upcoming year. Today’s topic is should or shouldn’t you learn multiple lighting console or software?

First, if you are someone who is wanting to learn a specific console or software consider checking out Learn Stage Lighting Labs. It’s a great resource for those getting started and a fast track to get you onto creating great lighting.

Main Segment (1:02)

When I was getting started in lighting, the technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. One of the first consoles I learned was the Hog 3 and then stepped back to learn the Hog 2 as well. As my career developed, I would learn the console that my clients used and went from there.

If there is one thing I have learned through all of this, it’s that if you going to do this as a professional or even a dedicated hobbyist, it’s very important to learn multiple lighting consoles or software.

This doesn’t limit it to just the professional consoles but take the time to learn the entry level and mid grade consoles as well.

I recommend learning multiple consoles because as I started learning more consoles, I had found different ways to do a certain effects easier on one console compared to another console. Slowly, I learned different ways to do certain things easier on one console and finding a workaround on another console. It opens your creativity in lighting and different ways to do things.

This will help enhance your lighting shows, your skills, and your experience in working with stage lighting. Learning multiple consoles will only help you and your career in lighting. Once you start learning multiple consoles you can start learning any new software will get easier.

Closing (12:33)

Thank you for joining us today and don’t forget to check out Learn Stage Lighting Labs and grab your free one-month subscription to try it out!

We have a guest in our next episode, Bob Mentele and I will be discussing what type of moving head should you buy. We’ll see you then!

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