Review: Blizzard Soc-It

Today, we’re going to review the Blizzard Soc-It. This was sent to me by Blizzard for beta testing but my reviews and opinion are my own. The Blizzard Soc-It is a compact, wireless Art-Net/sACN tool and mini-console.

I always enjoy working with pieces of equipment and tools that are unique and not something we have seen before. The Blizzard Soc-It is definitely a unique tool that we haven’t quite seen before. But is it right for you?

What Is It?

The Blizzard Soc-it is a compact lighting console that is able to be controlled by a phone or tablet. It is battery powered that can be replaced if it ever needed to be. It works wirelessly and connects via Art-Net/sACN.

Blizzard Soc-It

This unit is simple in form and function as well as very inexpensive for the capabilities. To use the Blizzard Soc-It you would need to download the app @Full which is free to download and use. Once you plug it in you have a simple on and off switch.

Controlling Your Lights

Controlling your lights with the Blizzard Soc-It is very easy to use through the @Full app. With this app, you can patch in your lights, create scenes, light groups, and have full control over your lighting rig.

Blizzard Soc-It

Just as you would with most consoles you have the ability to adjust your light attributes such as intensity, colors, pan, and tilt. If you’re adding moving lights or LED’s you can even adjust the movements using the app on your phone or tablet.

In a scenario, you have a full lighting rig that is set up with or even without the console. If your lights are set up at a venue, instead of using a cable to connect your lights to the console, you can take the Blizzard Soc-It to go through and test all of your lights.

Or perhaps, you need a quick setup with a few lights and need a quick control to get the lights going. These type of scenarios are perfect for using the Blizzard Soc-It.

Final Thoughts

Is the Blizzard Soc-It the end all be all? Absolutely not, but it’s definitely a very handy tool to have on hand. With a simple set up and functionality, it’s very convenient to use when you need a wireless lighting console.

It’s also ideal to have as a backup for your lighting rig. It’s easy to set up with a couple of lights and allows you to have full control of your lights and attributes.

My suggestion of course is to set pre-configure Soc-It with your network and lights so that it’ll be ready to use when you’re in a pinch. The app is also very easy to learn and use. Blizzard has announced that they do plan on adding more features and tools to the app itself in the future.

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