Hi, David here!  I wanted to create a page for the readers of to have all of my recommended resources in one place.

Many of these resources are free, but some are paid and some are affiliate links(I receive a small commission if you buy).  However, there is no pressure and no need to buy anything, it’s just an avenue I offer to you to find the resources you need and help this site out.

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Lighting Podcasts:

While there have been many lighting podcasts in the past, I will keep this updated with Podcasts that currently are still creating great, new shows.

Backstage Cowboys – Listen to interviews with industry veterns, with a general theme on lighting as a career.  Even if you don’t intend to do lighting as a job, you can still learn a lot from these folks as they discuss what matters in this business.

Light Talk – Join the “Lumen Brothers” in this really informative and funny look at lighting.  These guys do a really great job, and while the focus is primarily on the theatre, you can learn something no matter what kind of lighting you do!

The Light Side – On the concert side, Jam Band lighting designer Luke Stratton interviews designers and they go deep together in the “how and why” behind great lighting.

Lighting Tools

Prolyte Black Book – This FREE download from a major European truss builder is a fantastic guide to building truss and truss safety.  A must-read for anyone interested in lighting as a career!

Sketchup – A really simple 3D CAD program with a good FREE version.  Many churches use this for set design, and it looks great and does a ton of carpentry math for you.

Onyx Fixture Finder – Have an obscure light that you’re trying to patch into a console?  This site allows you to enter the DMX channels and see matching brand and fixture names, which you can then check for in your console. 

Rental Lighting

DIY Uplighting – DIY uplighting is the easiest place to rent LED uplights from for your next event.  They are super-competitive on pricing, and offer free shipping both ways!  Check out their lights!

Stage Lighting and Technology Blogs

iSquint – A good blog to keep up with the latest technology as they publish press releases from the major companies as new lights come out.  Also a good library of information

Jim On Light – JOL takes a wide approach to light and lighting, covering everything from architectural lighting to stage lighting and everything in between!

Control Geek – John Huntington authors this intense blog on topics such as automation, safety, control standards and cool time-lapse photography!  He has also written an amazing book if you’re a geek like me!

Lighting Forums

LightNetwork – A professional lighting forum that covers advanced topics.  A really great place to learn.

Control Booth – A theatre-centered forum on all things stagecraft.  Lighting, audio, video, and set are all covered here!

Free Industry Magazines

Church Production – Aimed solely at churches, this magazine contains a lot of useful articles.

Lighting and Sound America – Leaning towards theatre lighting, this magazine covers all types of stage lighting.

PLSN – A great industry mag with good pictures, and covers stage lighting in all types of venues including churches.

Lighting Education Websites

Learn Christmas Lighting – A spinoff of this website, on Learn Christmas Lighting I teach folks how to create great Christmas Lighting for their homes, primarily using LED pixels.

Stage Lighting Primer – A great site to learn technical skills within lighting and CAD drawing.  Though it is aimed at college students studying theatre, the usefulness of the information carries much further than that!

ChromaKinetics – This page has some really great reference material for cable sizes, beam calculations and gel color conversions.  A good one to keep bookmarked.

Lighting Trainer – Probably the very best compilation of lighting videos and tutorials on the web. It’s all right here!