Recycle? How Do You Make A Mid-Size Venue or Church Look Great?

Using what you already have on your stage can be a GREAT way to make a new look. Here’s how!

Knowing how to reuse and recycle bits and bobs from previous set and show designs can be a great way to help you save money and also put to use great props that you’ve used and be able to make your show look new and different every time!

Mix and Match

When we are talking about lighting for a mid sized venue it can be pretty common to just pack away or toss out old set props such as curtains or cases etc, but some of these things can be super useful to know how to recycle into a new set.

It can be really simple to reuse items from an old show to help save you money and create a dynamic new look by simply mixing and matching the props and items that you have to work with.


One example of reusing set design would be to take a wall panel that you may no longer need in one spot and repurpose it for a different part of the stage such as the front as a stage skirt to create a new look for your stage.

Perhaps for your set you have used LED pixel lights that can be used one way, such as strung up as Christmas lights for one purpose and then reused to line risers or added to props for another performance.

Reusing lights is an excellent way to spice up a stage in new ways by simply relocating them or adding them to different props on stage. You can even take old lights and use them in a lobby setting to light a textured wall or something similar and give some dynamic to the setting as people are entering your venue.

Combining Multiple Set Designs

Taking what you already have and blending it together to create a different ambiance is a great way to reuse and recycle old lighting and set designs. You may find that you have some things that look great combined together that create a whole new look that is interesting and different.

You can also use this same basic thought process with your lighting that you have in place. Perhaps one week or one show you turn lights on in one area of the stage or venue, drawing the eye to that area, and then the next performance switch it up and put your lighting on in a different spot bringing focus to a new area.

You can even use older lights to hang above the audience or splash some color on the wall or as an entrance to draw your audience more into the show or service.


In these ways we described you can get completely unique and different looks using all the same lights and props.

Ultimately when it comes to lighting your mid sized venue, reusing things that you built or used on your stage in the past in new ways is one of the best ways to bring new life to your stage without breaking the bank.

The best way to get started practicing this recycling technique is to think about things that you have used in the past, or things you may use in the future and when you are going to create your set design, take a look and think about how you can use the said light or piece of set in multiple ways.

It’s all about keeping an open mind and staying creative with what you have to work with.

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