Protecting Your Gear – Waterproof “Pelican Style” Cases

When it comes to transporting your lights, what is the best way to keep them protected? Pelican cases can be a great solution for smaller items, let me show you why in this video!

When it comes to protecting your gear there are a ton of options to suit your needs. If you are looking for something a bit heavier duty for your gear, then “Pelican Style” cases might be just what you need!

Pelican Brand

Pelican brand cases are pretty fantastic all around. These cases are waterproof plastic with flip latches. They come in various sizes to meet a variety of needs. You may find that some of the larger cases can get a little pricey but for the smaller of these cases they are still quite affordable, and all are worth the money in the long term because of the protection they provide for your gear.

What To Expect

When it comes to Pelican brand cases you may be wondering what you can expect. These cases come in rolling style for easy transport as well as carry on style to easily fit in the overhead if you are traveling. You will find a retractable luggage handle on these as well for convenience. The latches on the smaller cases are simply two on the front, while the larger cases have one on each side as well for added security. They have a flip lid with a hinge to make it easy to open and close.

Another great feature of these cases is their lifetime warranty. It is worth noting that for repairs and replacements you will have to ship in the case, but they do also sell parts for quick self-repairs which will save quite a bit of time.

On the inside there is a little bit of lid space and a large area at the bottom to store whatever you need. Typically, when you purchase one of these you will get foam that can be arranged and used to create more secure storage and better organization within the box, and which can be rearranged to suit carrying different items and gear.

Biggest Benefit

The biggest benefit of this style case is that they’re waterproof and are incredibly hardy. They are nearly impossible to break or beat up so badly that anything inside could be damaged. This makes them one of the best choices for your gear if you are constantly on the move traveling from gig to gig.

Off Brand Options

If the Pelican brand is a bit too costly you can certainly find several different off brand options that will also get the job done. A few of these are Harbor Freight, Lightshark, and WorkPro. They may not be quite as fancy as the Pelican brand, but they are about half the price so depending on your needs one of these may suffice as a better option for you.


These Pelican style cases are a really great option for smaller fixtures and cables. They are also great used in combination with other types of cases such as the soft style cases or a plastic bin style case. They are very hardy and very versatile and will do a great job ensuring that your gear will arrive where it is supposed to go intact.

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