Protecting Your Gear – Rack Bags and Soft Cases

When it comes to transporting your lights, what is the best way to keep them protected? In this video, I go over soft bags and some soft cases that you may not be familiar with!

When it comes to your needs as far as protecting your gear, everyone’s needs are different. While the routes you take to protect your gear may differ, the fact that protecting your gear will make it last longer and help you get the most out of it is universal.

There are plenty of options available that will protect your stuff and keep it nice and don’t require you to get a full road case.

Bag Type Cases

One of the protection options for your gear that will do its job without breaking the bank is a bag. If you are a lighting professional who is bringing your gear in to your event by hand, perhaps carrying it in and placing it against a wall to prep for use and being aware to not place anything heavy on top of it then a bag may be the way to go for a bit of added protection.

Something with a basic zipper and some padding inside will offer enough cushion and protection from being scratched up to keep your lighting gear looking like new. You will find many different shapes and sizes of bags to accommodate your needs.

Semi-Soft Cases

Semi- soft cases, also called EVA type cases, are an interesting option because they offer a bit more protection for those who may be a little rougher on their gear transport. They are still relatively inexpensive and can be more effective in keeping your gear safe.

You will find that cases like these still have the soft quality with zipper openings but have a bit more rigidity in them for added support. They also tend to have pockets built in for organization purposes as well as foam to secure your gear a bit more from being shaken up during transport.

Another benefit of these semi soft cases is that they are super lightweight so if you are carrying your gear yourself it helps to keep things much easier on you.


No matter what type of show you are putting on and what type of gear you use, it is highly recommended to always use some sort of gear protection. Soft cases will protect your lighting gear for the level of abuse you are putting on them and will help to keep your gear looking new and lasting longer.

Semi soft cases will do the job just a little bit better when it comes to protection level. You will be able to stack these a bit better on carts if you have a larger amount of gear to transport from gig to gig and will ensure that your stuff stays secure and undamaged. They tend to hold their shape a bit better than a general soft case so that they can be moved around a bit easier and more securely. Keep in mind that this means they won’t compact down as small as the soft cases when it comes to storage, but it adds a bit more toughness to your gear transport bags.

Whatever your choice of gear protection, the most important thing is that you have some! Choosing what is right for your needs will help keep your gear in top shape and help save you money in the long run.

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