NSI Microplex

Want to know more about NSI Microplex?  You’re in luck- you’ve come to the right place.

NSI Microplex is a hugely popular type of lighting control in churches, theaters and other performance spaces.  It is a good, reliable, easy  protocol for running simple lighting systems.

Many people, like yourself, have questions about what Microplex is, how it works and if it is compatible with DMX or other lighting protocols.  I’ve built this page so that you can find all of the information you’d ever want on one page- enjoy!

NSI Microplex

What is an NSI Microplex Lighting System?

I invite you to visit this page if you are completely new to NSI Microplex, and perhaps don’t even know what it is.  I break down what Microplex is and isn’t in this post, preparing you to learn more in the posts below!

NSI Dimmers – The Complete Guide

Finishing off our NSI/Leviton Microplex journey, I highlight popular NSI dimmers and their pro’s and con’s, then give you my recommendation.  If you’re looking to buy, look no further for a no-nonsense, easy guide to NSI dimmers.

NSI Lighting Controllers – The Complete Guide

Similar to the dimmers post previous, I open up the whole range of Microplex lighting consoles to your understanding and simply what exactly each console can do.  A must read if you are looking for a NSI lighting controller.  Don’t forget to read the surprise at the end!

Microplex To DMX – The Complete Guide

Say you have a DMX lighting system and want to use a microplex dimmer or console.  Can it be done? 

The good news, as you may have guessed, is that you can convert Microplex to DMX and DMX to microplex.  There’s no “magic” formula, and so you won’t have to stand on one leg and spin around to make this work, thankfully.  Let’s dive in!

Can I Use Microphone Cables for DMX Lighting?  What About Microplex?

Learn here about why you shouldn’t use mic cables for your DMX lights, even if it seems to work fine!  But can you use mic cables for NSI Microplex systems?