New Features in ONYX – 2021 Edition – DyLOS, New Interface Stuff, and More

ONYX 4.6 has a LOT of new stuff under the hood, but these are four of my favorites. Check them out, and become a better ONYX programmer today!

New Features

There is some really amazing, mind-blowing stuff in the new version of ONYX that will help make programming easier and even more exciting!

PC Controls

The simplest and coolest thing added are PC controls at the bottom. By hitting a simple button you get an awesome on-screen control panel that pops up. It has all the buttons you could possibly need, including a built in command key, all of which are incredibly easy to use and easily accessible.

Whether you are a long time user or just starting out in the lighting world, this feature is really helpful and simplifies things a great deal.

This control panel has always been available to use but only now has been made to be accessed much more conveniently.


This feature is really great because if you have everything loaded and you just want to filter down to see something specific you can simply filter down to only the fixtures that you currently want to see or use.

This is really beneficial as a programmer because when you are working with a lot of fixtures it can easily get a bit confusing to have to scroll through and look for everything while trying to stay organized.


DyLOS is the built in pixel mapper in ONYX. It allows you to play video and effects across lights. There is a ton of things you can do with this feature as well as a ton of new things added.

Among all the amazing new things to learn about DyLOS there are couple quick things to note about DyLOS to make your life easier. One is if you go to the “mapping” tab you can choose any two presets and can straight away see in the display how it will look.

You can also easily change that chase by altering the speed of the media or even quickly grab different media and then watch it animate on the rig.

These new features make it so much easier to be able to be creative with your show and gives you so many more options when it comes to making new and interesting displays.


There are some really cool new Capture integrations available for creating a new show. You’re now easily able to load your ONYX show, go to “univereses” and set your project console to ONYX, turn on CITP, and then “capture” will pop up. At this point Capture and ONYX are now connected.

Once they’re connected, if you go to “import” you can now press scan over to CITP and it will send the DMX data to Capture, as well as import all the things from your older file. You then have the option to import it all.

Once it is done importing it will check for conflicts and import all of the fixtures from Capture and add them into your show. You will then have all of your fixtures patched into ONYX as well as a 2D plane called “capture top” and “capture front” which allows you to see it on the visualizer and begin working with it right away and bring it back to ONYX with accuracy.


The best part of these new features that we talked about, and all the ones we didn’t get to, is that every feature is designed to help make your show more efficient. This allows you to focus on becoming an even better programmer and making the most out of your show in the quickest amount of time.

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