New Features in LightKey – 2021 Edition

This year has brought some great new features to lightKey – these are my favorites!

Using LightKey to create an even better event or display begins with simply knowing all of the amazing features available to you within the program.

What’s New

When we talk about what’s new with LightKey over the last year it is a little hard to determine what has actually been updated over the year because they don’t actually have dates on any of it. However, from memory and going through as someone experienced with using LightKey I’ve been able to pick out the newer features to highlight for you as programmers.

LightKey is a really great intermediate level lighting software. It runs on MAC so if you are not a MAC user it might be a bit costly to get into, but if you already have a MAC you will find that it is not unreasonably priced for what you’re getting from it.

Using Shift

One of the first exciting new features is that when you go in and are adjusting something and find you want a little bit more coarse control you can simply press shift and you will notice a little bit of a jump.

You can see it become a little bit coarser when you are using shift along with your scroll wheel. That can be super helpful when you are trying to make a fine adjustment.

Live Tap

In the live tap a couple of really great things for LightKey updates is that any que now has a fade time. If you go to ‘modifiers’ and right click to hit ‘fade time’ you are then able to change that fade time of that specific que.


There are a lot of modifiers that have made an entrance into LightKey. Modifiers are what make LightKey different and unique from other lighting consoles on the market today. LightKey does an amazing job of taking all of the attributes of the lights that you have in your control and universalizes them. This means that any attribute, such as color or intensity, from one light can easily be copied and transferred to another.

The modifiers add an extra bonus to this already cool feature by allowing you to attach and assign modifiers onto the live page so that you can directly control different attributes with ease. It allows you to make your show even more interesting and dynamic because now instead of just having a que that runs itself or runs an effect, you can now take that and make tweaks and alterations on the fly while you are live in your event.

OSC Controller

Another big addition to LightKey is the OSC controller. This stands for ‘Open Sound Controller’ for those who are not as familiar with this program. OSC is likened to MIDI control. It is a way for other programs and other devices to interface control wise with LightKey. This is huge because now you can send commands to control LightKey straight from your chosen program. This opens up a lot of really great possibilities when it comes to automating your event.


There are always new updates and new features being added to LightKey but at present these are the biggest ones that are worth knowing about. Keeping up to date on the new features allows you to get the most out of LightKey and helps you make your show even more amazing every time.

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