My Top Shortcuts and Programming Tips for LightKey

LightKey is one of my favorite “intermediate-level” lighting consoles, and a lot of that is due to the powerful programming shortcuts you can use. See my favorites here!

There are a lot of consoles out on the market today but LightKey remains one of my all time favorites. Let’s talk about some of the features and shortcuts that you can use that will make you an even better and more efficient programmer and will ensure that your show is the best that it can be every time.

What is LightKey

LightKey is a MAC based software that is essentially the “new Vista”. This program is a really visual lighting control and for small to intermediate sized shows, such as a church, it is a really great option. You may find that the price is a little higher, as is with most MAC products, but if you decide that it is within your budget range, it is certainly worth the money.


Let’s discuss a couple fantastic shortcut options that will help you to make the most of your LightKey program.

Shift D

If you have not used LightKey before, you will find that one of the simplest shortcuts is ‘Shift D’. When you hit ‘Shift D’ it gives you a quick control of the dimmer and from there you can choose your value with ease. To exit you simply hit ‘escape’.

You will find that this quick method will work quickly and easily with any attribute.

Copying and Pasting Properties

Another interesting attribute is the copy and pasting of properties. This feature allows you to go in and copy either ‘dimmer’ or ‘color’ or both. The cool thing about being able to do this is that you can simply go and copy the properties, select as many other lights as you desire, and paste with zero hassle.

If you are copying and pasting properties you will find that LightKey is extremely cross dimensional. This means that it doesn’t have to be the same kind of light to copy and paste the properties that you want. The attributes are conveniently universal and everything will work fluidly despite being potentially used among different lights within the program.

Preset Pallets

Using the preset pallets on the side is another great feature. A tip when using these presets is to be sure that you stay incredibly organized within the pallet section. Ultimately this section is what you use to apply anything you need to your different lights and so keeping everything in order will ensure that your show runs smoothly with as few headaches as possible.

Benefits of LightKey

An awesome aspect of LightKey is that when it comes down to it it does not mimic other lighting programs that try to do the actual work of a console. It is simply a computer program that is specially designed for the PC and MAC only which makes it incredibly user friendly.


If you are a MAC based programmer and you are looking for something on an intermediate level to suit your specific needs then LightKey just might be the perfect option for you.

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