My Favorite Flashlights for Lighting (and WHY)

Every day I try to provide helpful tips when it’s come to lighting and the equipment that I use every day. At some point, while working with lighting you will find yourself working in the dark.

With years of setting up equipment and working in tight spaces, I’ve found that having the right tools can make my job much easier. I want to share with you my favorite flashlights for lighting and why I prefer to use them:

Simple and Everyday Use

After my first couple of flashlights broke I found the Pelican 1920. This is my every day go to flashlight because it’s small and super handy in tight spots. It’s about 90 – 120 lumens equipped with a Bright Beam and a Secondary Low Beam.

You can read more about the Pelican 1920 here on Amazon.

Shelf Life

My first Pelican flashlight lasted 1 year.  Thanks to Pelican and their lifetime warranty, I got my 1920 replaced 2-3 years ago and the new “upgraded tailcap” model and it’s still going strong.  Any new one you buy today should last a long time!


The Pelican 1920 has two modes Bright and Low. You do have to press the button quickly to change from high to low.

This Flashlight does use 2 AAA Batteries and normally will last about 9 Hours. Personally, I use rechargeable batteries and it’s a great alternative especially when I am traveling.

I have found these Tenergy Low Self Discharge Rechargeable AAA Batteries which have been amazing. (Click the link to Amazon for smaller quantities of these!)

For Set Up and Tear Downs

When setting up or tearing down I needed a brighter flashlight to work with. That’s when I discovered the Anker Bolder LC40 which is 400 Lumens.

When I am working with a crew I can use this light to focus in on a specific area. It’s great to use when communicating and directing a team backstage.

Normally, I am not a fan of 5 Mode Flashlights, however, I have to admit that Anker designed this model really well.

My favorite features with the LC40 are the brightness, the focused beam, and it has a USB rechargeable port with an Indicator Light.


What makes this light unique from other lights is that if you want to turn it off, you just hold in the button until it turns off.

Another handy feature is that this light has a built-in rechargeable port. Making this super handy when you’re on the road and can simply just recharge the light as needed.

Because of port, you do not want to put this light in your mouth!

Large Workspaces

The last light on my list isn’t actually a flashlight at all. My LED Trouble Light is the light I use when setting up lights and being one workspace for a long period of time.

With around 400 Lumens, my LED Trouble Light is super handy and gives off a wide beam needed when working in a large workspace or backstage.

This particular model does have a magnet that you can use to attach or the hook that allows you to hang the light. With it’s super bright and wide light this will help give you the much-needed lights when working backstage.


The LED Trouble Light does need power, so you’ll probably need an extension cord to plug it in.  This makes it awesome because you can use it for a very long time without having to worry about batteries!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this video reviewing some of my favorite lights.  I know it’s a little different from what I normally do, so I hope it’s helpful and saves you time, frustration and money!

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