Lighting for the large church or venue (The Unique Challenges)

When Moving Up to Lighting in a Large Venue, these are the things that you need to think about!

Planning out your display and lighting for a large venue can be a lot of fun! Like anything, the concept of a large venue is subjective but the concepts are the same when it comes to the lighting.

When you move up from one sized venue to the next there are some unique challenges that come with it, as well as unique and exciting possibilities that open up with it. Let’s explore some of these!

Challenges of a Large Venue

One of the first things that may come to mind when you are moving up to a large venue is that you are going to need a lot of gear compared to before. This all may seem a little overwhelming when you are used to lighting a smaller space. To cover the space of a larger stage you will certainly need more and brighter lights.

Analyzing Your New Space

You will need to take time to analyze your new area and decide whether you will keep the same size stage, which will make the stage itself look smaller as it is in a larger space. Or perhaps you will choose to work with a larger stage to fill the space. Either way this will require some maneuvering of lights and angles to make sure you are getting the best outcome when it comes to brightness. Deciding where you will hang your lighting to get the best display is key to putting on a good show.


The other thing to think about is that even if you are using the same sized stage as before with the same amount of lights to light it, you will generally still need to light your stage more brightly to get your desired outcome.

Must Haves

Ensure that you have enough lighting to cover your space, that you have the correct lensing to make it bright enough, and make sure you have enough fixtures to provide the lighting that you will need for your stage so that even someone in the very back of the audience can see your stage.

Opportunities with a Large Venue

There are definitely challenges to work around when upgrading to working with a larger venue but there are also some amazing opportunities that can also be a ton of fun.


One of the biggest perks of working with a larger venue is that most often you will also have a larger budget to work with for your show or display. This gives you the chance to be more efficient in making sure that you have everything you need to put on a great show.


Along with a bigger budget and bigger space comes the exciting part of being able to be a lot more creative with your area. Taking your new space and making it amazing really has limitless possibilities and this can be incredibly fun!


Working with a large venue does not have to be overwhelming or intimidating if you just take time to consider the challenges and make sure that you are prepared. By being prepared, everything becomes a lot more simple and you can just enjoy the new space and all of the new creative opportunity you have to work with minus the stress.

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