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 June 9

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to Learn Stage Lighting Podcast! In this episode we have a very special treat for you.

We’re interviewing Troy Wiggins of Dubbs Lighting who is also one of my students in the Learn Stage Lighting Labs.

Today’s sponsor of the show is Amazon. If you’re placing an order through Amazon, be sure to just follow this link before ordering. It doesn’t cost you any extra and helps gives us a little commission for the show.

Main Segment (1:18) How/Why Did You First Get into lighting?

We have a special guest joining us, Troy Wiggins of Dubbs Lighting. You can visit his site here, DubbsLighting.com.

David – To get this started, you actually didn’t begin in audio or lighting, correct? You’re actually a drummer which is great! How did all of this come about?

I was playing in a band and toured with this band for about 8 years. I never touched the production side of things. My focus was on the music and entertaining.

Getting into lighting, I actually randomly got into lighting because as the venues and concerts got bigger, I wanted to know how we could take this to the next level. That’s when I started getting into lighting.

What does DUBBS Lighting do? (6:45)

With some contacts in the industry, I had started cold emailed bands and even managers. Also, focused on local clubs in our region to offer an affordable lighting experience for these bands.

With experience in working with a band, I’ve learned what is needed and the budget to what some bands are able to afford.

DUBBS Lighting offers professional lighting packages and custom visuals that match the budget and need of every client. We also offer fully synced visuals as well.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas to Light a Song? (11:33)

When I get started with lighting for a song I try to take it from a musical approach. I get in the mind frame of being a drummer that is hired to put on a show and I request a set list as soon as it is available.

I then listen and learn the songs as if I was the drummer for that band learning the new songs. When I hear the songs for the first time I generally have a vision of what the lighting would like. Usually, listening to the songs you get a feel for the mood and what type of lighting you want to open up with.

With the breakdown of the song from intro, verse, chorus, and so on, I then create the basics and then add on to the lighting as I go along.

What are some of your favorite pieces to work with? (17:32)

David: What’s the favorite type of lights you enjoy working with in your rig?

The 255 spots are just amazing to work with. You can set them up on the floor and they are able to send lights to the back of the room with no problems. They’re really a workhorse and I’ve received many compliments on them.

David: On that topic, do you have any favorite lights that you’ve been able to use that was owned by the venue or band?

Yes, like most people, I was able to work with the Elation Darts are one of my favorites and they’re absolutely incredible.

David: What console do you mostly use?

I mostly use the ONYX console and I think it’s a great platform. Like any console there is a learning curve but overall it’s user-friendly and I really enjoy using it.

I am using my quarantine time to learn the MA console to help step up my skills in programming.

Closing (28:18)

Thank you so much for joining us today Troy, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today.

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