If You Have Height – Use it! – How Do You Make A Mid-Size Venue or Church Look Great?

Using the height of your space can transform the way your stage looks – whether you use it all or just some. Learn how it affects your lighting and my top tips to get the most out of the height you have in this video!

Today we are talking all about height! Height is a really big deal when it comes to changing up different sets or working with different stages.

How Much Are You Working With?

When figuring out the details of how to make your stage look the very best during your show or performance, it is vital to take into consideration the amount of height you are working with on your stage.

Whether you have only a small amount to work with or if your ceilings extend higher to 25 or even 30 feet, knowing how to put that space to the best use can really help you to create some interesting looks for your audience.

Intimate Spaces

If the look you are going for is a more intimate setting, often times there is a habit of lowering the ceiling. What you can do instead to create a comfortable look of closeness is to take your back lighting and bring it down.

If you lower your back lighting and perhaps bring in your curtains or whatever it is that you have to use on set, the look that you will end up with is that the stage will then look as if you are in a small club. An intimate look to the set can really ground the performance and make everything much more interesting for viewers.

Expanding Your Space

If the look you are going for is to expand rather than to create a more intimate space, you can easily do this by bringing your lighting back upwards to extend the height. This draws the eye to a lot larger of an area and makes your venue look much more expansive.

Using the height of your venue will make your space feel much grander.

Expanding Via Width

You may find that you do not have much extra height to work with but you do however have width. The same principle applies to expanding side to side as it does height wise. Using the full width of your stage draws the eye outward and makes your stage appear much bigger.

Using Your Lighting

Whether or not you have a lot of extra space and budget to work with or a little, you can use the way you place your lights to expand or shrink your stage to create a dynamic show from time to time.

You can turn the lights on and off to draw attention one way or another and to create different feels throughout the duration of your show.


When working with a mid sized venue, using your lighting to create a dynamic and interesting show for your audience can be super simple and really give you that extra bit of intrigue for your audience. Whether you pull the lights in to make your setting more intimate or expand the lighting to add some grandeur to your show, you will find that making the most of your lighting really goes a long way and can help you create the amazing show you have in mind!

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