How to Make Your Big Event Special (Without Losing Your Shirt)

This post has been brought to you by Pro Lighting Rental.

Imagine this:

You have a big show/service/drama/production coming up, and you want to give your lighting rig some extra pizzaz, but you don’t know what to do.

You don’t have the budget to buy new lights, but for this one big night, you’re looking to double your lighting rig.  What do you do?

The Answer: You Rent!

(And down below, I’ve got 3 easy ways you can add to your current lighting rig)

One of the biggest questions I receive in my inbox is “where do I rent lighting from?”, and my answer has always been “check your phone book?”

Since the phone book is pretty much dead these days, I’m so glad there is finally a better answer!

This is where the nice people at Pro Lighting Rental come in.

Until they came along, there was no easy, simple way to rent a few lights for a big production.

Renting lights involved calling production companies who didn’t want to work with such a small rental, or calling music stores to find out they didn’t stock what you needed

Either way, you had no lights!

With Pro Lighting Rental, you simply choose the lighting you need and make a reservation online via their website.

They then will ship out your order so it reaches you 2 days BEFORE your event date.  Then you get a 5 days rental until you ship them back in their boxes with the pre-paid labels.

Shipping is free in the Continental US, so you’ve got nothing to lose!  Check out Pro Lighting Rental now!

3 Ways to Add Rental Lighting to Your Show

Now that we’ve covered what Pro Lighting Rental offers, let’s dive into how we can use their lights in your lighting rig for your show!

Adding Uplights to Your Existing Setup

Uplighting Rental
Just a few uplights can really make a blank wall pop!

The first thought you may have about renting extra lights is “Who is going to set all this up?”.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult or time-consuming!

Since uplights are simply placed on the ground and wired with DMX cable into your current system, it only takes a few extra minutes to setup.

If you’re pressed for time and/or don’t want to program your new lights in, just address them the same as any other 3-channel LED fixture that you already own and you’ll see the rental lights synced with your existing show immediately.

But the difference is astounding.  You can take a blank wall or black curtain and turn it into a theatrical backdrop with just a few lights!

Adding Movement Via Inexpensive DJ Fixtures

Add DJ Lights to Your SetupAnother great way to spice up a special show is to add some physical movement to your lighting.

Pro Lighting Rental has both DJ Effects lights and some small LED moving lights that you can wire into your DMX system and use on the band or dance floor to hype up the crowd.

If you don’t already have any fixtures with moving light, you can get started with just a fixture or 2 for your next big gig!

Adding a Battery-Powered Uplighting Package to Your Show

Blue Uplighting
Once again, Uplighting steals the show.

Lastly, you can really open up a new stream of profit for your band, DJ service or church by offering battery-powered uplighting around the venue.

It’s not too expensive, and many people are glad to pay a premium for the killer effect that it gives a space.

These battery-powered uplights really transform a space with their selection of built-in or custom colors.  And they’re super-easy to place out and setup – making almost no extra labor for you!

Take Your Show to the Next Level

Whatever you need, Pro Lighting Rental has you covered in making your next big show a real experience.

They are the easiest, most hassle-free way I’ve found to rent lights.  Now, you don’t have to worry about showing up at a warehouse during business hours or meeting someone to exchange lights – they simply ship them to your door and you send them back!

Check out Pro Lighting Rental the next time you need to get some lights for your big event – or any event!

This post has been brought to you by Pro Lighting Rental in exchange for compensation.  The writing and opinions, however, are mine.

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