How to Build (and Light) a Custom DJ Booth

Appearance is a big deal when you’re a DJ.

The second that guests walk into the room, they’re going to initially judge the quality of your work by what they see.

The big question is this – is what they see going to be a good thing, or a bad thing?

Are they going to look at your DJ booth and see cords dangling everywhere in a mis-matched way, or are they going to see a neat facade, with colorful walls that react to the music?

Building an Impressive DJ Booth is Actually Pretty Easy

And it’s not expensive either, and it’s also doesn’t have to take up a lot of transport space either.

Below, I’ve gathered some really good looking DJ booths that I’ve found around the web that both make a big impact and are simple to create.  I want you to check them out and see which one will work best for you.  It’s a nearly instant way to upgrade your image, and make you look more professional on your gigs.

DJ Booth #1: The PVC Wonder

PVC pipe is one of the great wonders of technology!  It’s cheap, easy to cut, and can be quite supportive if you build it correctly.

On this website, the author shows you how to create a solid table wrap out of simple PVC pipe that you can then stretch a fabric or vinyl banner over for around $200.

The positives of this design is that it compacts down really, really small.  It’s also easy, and pretty much anyone of any skill level can bang this one out!

The downside is that the PVC structure will show through if you backlight your banner.  No good!

But, as you can see by the photo, if you stick to dark banners, if creates a point of focus on your lights and yourself.

DJ Booth #2 – The Light Panels

As an upgrade from the first design I featured, this DJ booth has diffused panels surrounding you that literally glow with light!  Check it out:

Chances are, you’ve probably seen a booth like this before.  Yes, they are common, but they also look amazing to your crowd.

The great thing about these panels is that they’re easy to light and pretty simple to build.  By putting your lights behind the panels, you can make the light appear out of nowhere!

However, they are going to be a little more costly and definitely more difficult to transport due to their size.

DJ Booth #3 – Adding Graphics:

I really like this DJ Booth because it incorporates both colored lighting and custom graphics via the woodwork.

It’s the best of both of the designs above.  However, it does take a good bit of skill to cut out the wood design and make it look good.

So here’s my take.  Instead of using wood to make the graphic pattern, build your frame to accommodate florescent light diffusers.

Then, you can order vinyl graphics and apply them to your panels.

You could have a set with your DJ name  and also offer to do custom graphics for weddings and other events you DJ.

How cool would it be for your clients to have their name on the DJ booth?

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