How Do You Program Lasers to Blend in With Your Show vs. Being the Centerpiece?

Lasers don’t have to be a show-stopping effect. They do that well, but if you mix them in correctly, they can also be a really great subtle effect.

Lasers are a great addition to a show or display but sometimes they can come off a bit overpowering. It’s important to work them in in a way that will put them to good use without letting them become the center focus.

Mixing Lasers & Light

Meshing lasers with your lighting in a way that gives off a seamless feel is really important to putting on a good show.

When on stage you will typically have a lot of different lights going on at the same time so bringing in lasers at exactly the right moment and in the right place can really help to diversify your show.

Lasers and Programming

There are a couple really cool aspects when it comes to lasers and programming. One being the option to drop down the intensity in order to blend everything in a lot better. The second benefit is that it is a media device. This means that you can bring up or switch between different layers. You have the option to use two separate lights that you can fade between or use flash buttons.

The ability to have movement along with a gobo that changes color creates a really unique look option for your show or display as well as being able to create a fan of light with two colors.

Lasers in a Live Show

If you are thinking about getting into using lasers in a live show, there are a few things to really contemplate. Most places in the US now have the process simplified for checking with authorities about what is allowed and what is not to make sure you are in compliance with regulations.

Occasionally you may find that you will need to hire a local laser safety officer just to be on the safe side, but in general you will find the process to be quite straight-forward.


The possibilities are really widespread when you decide to incorporate lasers into your show. They are great to add accent to different areas of the stage or performers. Creating simple patterns and moving them together to shape the environment on stage gives you so much versatility as a lighting specialist.

No matter what type of venue you have you can put lasers to use. Churches, bands, performers, speakers, etc., all have the option to use them and create different looks specific to their needs.


Lasers don’t have to be just all about the effects or cutting through the available air space. You really can use them in a lot of interesting and versatile ways to get a beautiful and creative look no matter what type of show or environment you are working with. The lasers themselves can be altered to look a lot more like enhancement lighting rather than be the center distracting focus. As time goes on, this will become even easier with new programs and companies offering new programs to meld everything together.

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