How Do You Make a Small Venue Look Great?

Some would consider lighting a small space a challenge and at times it can be. However, there are some great advantages to lighting a smaller venue.

In this post, we’re going to start with the basics and review both the challenges as well as the advantages to lighting a small venue.

Whether you’re lighting as a DJ, band, small church, small production company, or theater there can be some unique challenges but once you’re able to work through those challenges there can be some huge upsides to lighting a small stage.

Small Space Challenges

Are you excited about creating the most beautiful lighting possible for your small venue but concerned about the challenges that may come with illuminating it? Not to worry!

Smaller Budgets

No matter what size your venue is, you can make your lighting amazing and it often doesn’t include buying more stuff. You may have concerns about how to purchase your lighting with a smaller budget and still make your venue look spectacular.

There may be less seating in your space which you can view as a downfall, but less seating but also means less surface area to cover when purchasing what you need to light your space, which can work very much in favor of a smaller budget.

Low Ceilings

A ceiling above the stage when you’ve risen the stage up, but is not any higher than it is above the audience can certainly be a bit dicey.

Not to mention that vertical space is something we often use in lighting to make things look better. In such a case with low ceilings, that is simply not an option.

Overhead Rigging

Often times, hanging things from your ceiling in a small venue can be difficult, if not impossible. The space itself to hang lighting might be non existent or you may lack funds to bring someone in to do it.

While a smaller space does have its minor setbacks, such as a potentially smaller budget, low ceilings to work with, and possible challenges to overcome when it comes to hanging your lighting on those lower ceilings, there are some fabulous perks as well and you can still put on a great show.

One benefit of a smaller space is a smaller budget. You won’t need as many or as bright of lights to make your venue amazing. Smaller fixtures cost less and you can often times get a lot of use out of what you purchase. Hooray for your bank account!

Small Stage Advantages

When working with a small venue there can definitely be some challenges but if you are willing to work through them there can be some HUGE advantages to working with a smaller area as well.

Smaller and Less Lights

One of the best perks of working with a smaller venue is that you can get away with using smaller and fewer lights and still put on a great show. When your stage is not as tall or wide as other venue options, to fill that space with really interesting and fabulous lighting takes less lights! You won’t need as bright or as large of a fixture for your show to really pack the punch you’re looking for.

Less Cost

A really wonderful benefit of having a smaller venue and thereby using smaller fixtures is that smaller lights cost less, saving you money! And when you do invest in these smaller fixture options, they tend to last you longer because the space is not that big.

When you do work in a smaller venue, such as a church or theater it can be hard to not compare yourself to larger concert spaces with larger budgets. But don’t get caught up in comparisons because there are some really amazing simple tips and tricks when buying your lights to make your venue truly amazing without going over budget.

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