How Do You Make A Mid-Size Venue or Church Look Great? – The Unique Challenges – Create Depth

Let’s talk about the basics of lighting your mid sized venue so that you can put on the best show possible from the get go! Whether you are a mid sized church, restaurant, bar, theater group or other venue, this month’s tips are just what you need to make your show everything you dream about.

Are you interested in learning all about practical tips to make your mid sized venue look absolutely amazing? Mid sized venues come with their own unique challenges when it comes to lighting but all are easily overcome with a few tips!

Mid-sized Venues

So what actually constitutes a mid-sized venue? Lots of different people may have a lot of different opinions on what a mid-sized venue might be. It all really comes down to the environment that you are used to working in.

If you are used to a venue that holds only 25 people or so, then a room that fits 100 might seem mid sized to you. On the other hand, if you are used to a space such as a ballroom or arena, then 100 person capacity might be more viewed as a small venue. It’s all about perspective in this case!

While there is no “true” definition because of this, what we are aiming to advise on when we say “mid-sized venue” is 250 seats to 1000 or so seats.


What makes this sized venue truly great is the challenges that go along with it.

More Space to Fill

When you open up to a mid-sized venue and begin to have a little more breathing room you really have a lot more options to work with. This may seem a little overwhelming but it really can be seen as more of a benefit because you have some room to rearrange and move things around a bit to freshen your setting.


With added space to fill you will need more lighting to make your show look as great as it did in a smaller space. This can sometimes present an issue because just because you have more space does not always mean that you have a bigger budget to match.

It’s all about balancing what you have to work with. Whether your budget is larger or small for the time being, you can still put on a great show if you just take the time to really think things through and get what works best for your space and your pocket book. There are a lot of really great, budget friendly options that will work well in a mid sized venue.

Making Your Space Unique

Your space might be shifting for a couple reasons depending on what type of venue you host. Perhaps if you are a church you have a new set or sermon coming through, or as a theater group a new show performing, etc. This may present an entirely new venue with a different layout to work with.


When you are working with a mid-sized stage one of the best starter tips is to create some depth.

One of the easiest ways to create depth is to already have some depth to your stage. It immediately will add something interesting to your show when that is an option.

Bringing some elements of your set forwards is one of the simplest ways to create depth on your show. Adding actual physical depth creates a much more intimate and interesting show for your audience.


While there are some challenges with making mid sized venues amazing, these challenges can easily be turned into advantages by following some simple tips. Adding depth is the first and foremost thing you can do to easily add something interesting to your show and make your setting amazing.

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