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 February 4

by LearnStageLighting.com

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast Episode # 88

Welcome to today’s episode and we’re excited to dive into more of your questions this week!

As we go into 2020, I’ve really been reflecting on how I want to move forward with the podcast. My ultimate goal is to bring as much value as I can to my listeners. In the upcoming months, we will have a mixture of both questions and possibly interviews for one episode.

Lighting News (1:01)

This week in lighting news, I have the latest edition from Lighting and Sound America, where they discuss lighting for the Blue Man Group. What I personally liked is how they brought in MIDI controls and triggering into their performance.

There was another article in the same edition about computer networking and if you’ve been in lighting for a while, you’ve probably already realized that networking is really coming into play with what you do. A great book to check out is John Huntington’s most recent book Show Networks and Control Systems and there is his earlier version from 2012 Control Systems for Live Entertainment.

Lastly, in PLSN Magazine, there’s a great article on lighting for video in corporate events.

Main Segment (17:17)

Going forward, we will instead be focusing on Learn Stage Lighting Patrons to answer questions. For just a few dollars a month patrons will be able to submit in questions and have them answered within a month period.

  • (19:48) Jamie writes in and wants to know why LightKey isn’t reading any of her new lights.
  • (22:39) Luis writes in and wants to know about investing in LED’s and types of lights to use for live streaming.
  • (29:05) Jody writes in and would like advice on how to add lights to her current lighting system that will add additional lighting areas for her stage.
  • (33:42) Tony writes in and feels he has outgrown his setup and wants to know what type of software would we recommend for him moving forward.
  • (37:06) Billy writes in and he is new to using ONYX and has a few questions about the features and how to use it.

Closing (43:40)

Thank you very much for joining us, we’re so glad that you are here. If you have any questions or want to join the community, please be sure to join us at the Learn Stage Lighting Patreon.

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