How Do You Choose the Right DJ Lights?

How Do You Choose the Right DJ Lights?

When getting started as a DJ, the equipment and the number of options you have can be overwhelming. In this post, we’ll dive in on different options to consider and the basics you may need on getting started with choosing the right DJ Lights.

So, how do you choose the right DJ Lights? That is actually not as easy of a question to answer than you would think. Very often, I’ll see people purchase used lights or go to a dealer and tell the dealer what they want to buy.

Once they get their lights, they set them up but only to realize it’s not going to work as well as they had expected it to. So with that there a few circumstances to consider

What Type of Lights Do You Need?

Working as a DJ or EDM artist has become a livelihood, even if this is a side gig and a business. Having the right lights and setup can really make a difference in what you are able to offer for potential clients and gigs, and how little (or much) of a headache it gives you!

There are really two types of lighting generally when it comes to a DJ. You have the lights set up by the DJ table and dance floor and then you have the lighting that is used on the rest of the room.

The Basic Lighting Setup

For a basic DJ setup and engaging the audience, you want to start with the basics of lighting the DJ area as well as the dance floor. To do this, you can get started with the bar lighting kits. It helps engage the audience and bring value to your client.

These lights are a great starting point because you can plug them in and using a sound-activated mode or DMX you’re good to go. You can set up the lights behind you or even light up the dance floor.

Adding Moving Lights

If you’re ready to move to a more advanced set up you can start by adding basic moving lights. These lights can be set up on the floor, on a table, and even set up on trusses if you have those available to you.

There are some great lights that you can get started with if that’s a route you decide to take. You can read more about getting started with moving lights in Moving Lights Buyer Guide.

Transforming a Venue Space

While lighting your DJ area is a great way to get started, what will really bring your business to the next level is being able to transform a venue space to a very colorful and elegant space for the event.

To do this, you would need to add more lighting around the room or outdoor space. You can do this by adding battery-powered or even plugged in lights around the room. Personally, I always recommend batteried powered but even using a mixture of both will work great for different spaces.

Using batteried powered lights is great if you have a limited amount of power supply. This also gives you full control and you don’t have to worry about someone unplugging or tripping over the lights.

Using Gobos

You can always add gobos and light up the name of the event, or the initials of the couple getting married, etc.

If this an option you want to consider, I would suggest getting 10 -12 uplights and then some lights that can create some action in the DJ zone and dancefloor.

Even if you’re lighting unique themed parties, definitely consider investing in lighting that would be able to bring that theme to life. With these unique setups, you can take amazing pictures of your services and show potential clients what you are capable of.

There a lot of different options when it comes to working as a DJ but for the basics of getting started I hope this will help shed some light on where to get started.

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