March 20

by Lyn

In this podcast, David is excited to talk about wiring DMX!

How do you make it all talk together?  The simplest DMX system is wired with a daisy chain.

You come out of your lighting console and bring it to your first light and then you do it a 2nd time and on and on up to 32 times.

It’s important to always use real DMX cable for this, not microphone cable: Why Can’t I Use Microphone Cables for DMX?

You can run DMX up to 3900 ft and if you need more than 32 fixtures or more cable length you can use a DMX splitter.

David’s favorite budget DMX splitter is the Enttec D-Split

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John has a hobby in DJ Lighting and is having a problem controlling the lights and finds it very confusing. He wants to know how familiar David is with ShowCad.

Find Out what David has to say and what he recommends….

Chauvet ShowXpress

Enttec D-Pro

Dustin: Is new to lighting and wants to get a DMX controller that works on Mac Book. He wants to know what David recommends….

Enttec D-Pro 
Enttec DMX-USB-Pro box for Output

Chauvet DMX-AN Node for Output 


Chauvet CorePar 80


ADJ DOTZ Par 100

Davide: Has been using DMX’s for awhile and is considering using D-Pro He is wondering if he can combine pallets with other pre-set controls. David has a GREAT answer for him.

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