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 March 13

by Lyn

Today, David is so excited to talk about DMX Channel Modes

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In this episode, David talks about Channel Modes because it seems to be a topic that people are starting to talk about.

Lighting fixtures can be put into a variety of channel modes and you can control all of the segments or just one segment. There are pros and cons to both.

Things to consider:

  1. The console- which one am I using, how many universes, how easy is it to control things.
  2. Programming time
  3. The final result

In this episode, David is going to talk about each of these considerations and then give some examples.


Links: Podcast – What is a DMX Universe?

Color Kinetics ColorBlaze:

Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash:

Mail Bag!


Larry says he has been watching the series and he has a problem with his volunteers using his complicated equipment and he wants a more user-friendly system for them.

Suggestion Links:

Jands Vista: https://learnstagelighting.com/introduction-jands-vista/

Martin M-PC: https://learnstagelighting.com/begin-martin-m-pc/

Mike wants to know if he can use LED Strip lights for side lights to wash the stage. He doesn’t have a lot of stage time.

Chauvet Colorband H9

Beam angle vs field angle



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