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 February 11

by Lyn

Welcome to Learn Stage Lighting Podcast. This is the 2nd Episode by David Henry as he gets you started on the path to looking at the very basics of stage lighting.

In this Podcast, he talks about what controls your lighting, the console!

If you are just starting out, David knows you may have lots of questions. In this episode of Learn State Lighting Podcast, he discusses why auto programming and sound activation may not be quite right for you.

His goal is to get you to invest in a console where you have more control over whoever is on stage and the ability to take their energy and amplify it with the lighting.

David understands that when you are new to stage lighting you may have a small budget. That’s why he feels its good to know what console you need for your lighting application needs

In this podcast, David get’s into the Pros and Cons of Hardware-based consoles versus PC and software-based consoles. There are so many different consoles and he is great at offering different examples and models.

His favorite for beginners is the ENTTEC DMXIS for under $300, and from there he goes into detail for more advanced features and consoles to bring you up to a full-on professional level console with total control.

Excited to learn more? Subscribe to the Podcast at the bottom of this post from wherever you get your podcasts!

I also invite you to consider Learning Stage Lighting Labs where David can go into greater detail with you and where you have access to a great library of topics about stage lighting.


Victor – Is curious about how to use physical faders or buttons through software-based controllers.

Links: How to Use MIDI with Lighting Consoles, How to Use TouchOSC with Lighting Consoles

Daniel – Is a DJ and he wants to know if he can design in one console and then move his show over to another console.  Is it possible?

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