How Do I Control DMX Lights?

Do you have DMX Lights but don’t know how to control them? Sure you can set the lights on Sound Active Mode but there is so much more available to get the most out of your DMX lights.

Choosing a Lighting Console

In order to get control of your DMX Lights, you’ll want to get a Lighting Console. A console is going to be one of the most important tools for your lighting needs so it’s important to choose the right console.

So, how do you decide which lighting console is the best fit for you? There are thousands of options available and it can be extremely overwhelming. In the article below I’ll walk you through on how to pick your first lighting console. There are a few important factors to decide and this can help you get pointed in the direction of choosing the perfect lighting console for your needs.

How to Choose Your First Lighting Console 

DMX Cables for Setup

The next item you will need to control your DMX lights is DMX Cable. You’ll need the DMX Cable to hook up your lights to your console. Selecting and setting up equipment can be overwhelming for those who haven’t done it before. But that’s what I am here for, to help save you time and unnecessary headaches.

I go deeper into what you need to wire up your lights and consoles as well a video on how to get everything set up. Be sure to check it out here: How to Wire DMX

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