How Do I Connect ONYX with the Capture Visualizer?

How Do I Connect ONYX with the Capture Visualizer?

As visualizers are becoming more of a necessary tool when working in stage lighting the question often comes up of how to set up a console and visualizer to communicate with each other.

In this post, we’re going to walk through how to set up ONYX to connect with Capture Visualizer.

This method will apply whether you are using ONYX on a PC, tablet, or console. Also, if you are not using an ONYX these steps will be very similar when working with different consoles.

ONYX Settings

The first step we’re going, to begin with, is setting ONYX to output DMX through the network over to Capture. Generally, my personal preference is doing this through sACN because not only is it easier to use but sACN is now becoming the preferred output.

To set the output you will need to open an existing show inside of ONYX. Once you load a show go to the top left corner and click the “ONYX” menu.

Now, your screen will load and you want to click the main “menu”. On the left sidebar, you will see a network section. Under this section click “EtherDMX”.

On the bottom menu, you will have different options. to set your sACN settings just select “sACN”.

How to connect ONYX with Capture Visualizer

This will bring you to the screen to set your sACN settings. Under the settings section, you’ll want to toggle the sACN to “ON”. Next, you will set the universes you want to send out.

Below the settings section, you will see your options for the network interfaces. Here you will just select which network interface you want to use.

Please note, if you are working on a console it will be the interface labeled as EtherDMX, not the one labeled remote. When you are done with the settings just click “Apply”.

To go back to your main show screen you can click the “ONYX” on the top left corner of the screen.

Configuring Your IP Address

If you do need to configure your IP Address you can do this by going back to the sidebar, under the Network section just click “Settings”.

Here you will have the option to use Automatic, Static, or EtherDMX. Just set up your IP and when done just click “Apply”.

Capture Visualizer Settings

Now that you have set up your ONYX to send out data, we want to configure your settings inside of Capture to get both of the programs in sync with each other.

Capture Visualizer

Once you launch Capture you want to select the “Universes” tab located on the top menu.

At this point, Capture should automatically be able to pull the data from ONYX. If it’s not doing this just double click the drop-down menu for “External Universe” and select the universe you are wanting to use.

If by chance you do not see the universe you are wanting to use, you will most likely just need to reboot Capture.

If you need to configure more than one universe just click the “More” option to add more universes.

To Diagnose Any Further Issues

If you are noticing some discrepancies between your fixtures settings within ONYX and Capture you may need to look into the issue further.

To do this, inside of Capture select the “Universes” tab. You will see the universes below and to check the details further you will see the fixtures specific settings on the right side of the screen.

If you want to be able to check and edit your fixtures just click “Edit”. From here you will be able to check into a specific fixture and whatever discrepancies that may be taking place.

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