How Do I Choose a Moving Head Wash Light?

Moving head wash lights come in all shapes and sizes, how do you choose the right light for your needs? In this video, we look at (2) popular moving head wash’s and help you choose which one is right for you!

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Two leaders in the realm of moving head wash lights are the Gamma Borealis and the Inno-pocket z4. Both are fantastic choices for a few reasons, some of which being feature set, brightness, cost, and noise level.

Quick Comparison

Both units have some similarities and some differences that are important to consider when you are deciding what is best for your needs.


The Inno-pocket has four 10watt LEDs, runs very quietly, is good for a lot of venues such as smaller band setups and churches. It is also incredibly lightweight which makes it simple to move around.


The Borealis is a little bit heavier in weight, is a bit more of a professional type of unit, it uses two clamps instead of one, and has variable speed fans to that it has the ability to go silent when running. It also has a backlight effect where the backlight of the unit is able to have a color to it that is separate from the beam itself.


Both of these lights offer a 10-60 degree zoom range as well as provide DMX control in various modes.


The Z4 allows you to split up the LEDs into two and two, whereas the Borealis is a single unit where all of the LEDs will remain one color with the backlight offering the separate color option.

How They Look

It is important to consider not just the functional features of your light choice but also how they look while being used.


Once tilted at the desired angle you will see a bit of difference in the brightness of the beams. The Borealis is nearly twice as bright as the z4. If you are in a smaller, dark venue then the z4 will likely work just fine but if you need something a bit more powerful you may want to look at the Borealis instead. The Borealis will easily shoot 30 feet or more and give you a good strong beam.


You will find that even though the brightness is different, both of these lights have a nice wide zoom angle to work with, the narrowest being 10 degree and widest being at 60 degrees.


Both units also have RGBW color mixing which is a great feature. This allows you to be able to switch up your color spectrum with ease during your show or display.

What to Consider

When making comparisons between wash lights to decide what will work best for you it is pertinent to consider all aspects of the light to make sure it has the features you need.


One important aspect to consider is brightness. What is your front light and is the beam going to be bright enough to give off the effect you are hoping for? You will also want to think about if the beam will be bright enough through haze. Both the z4 and the Borealis work well with this effect.


The way the beams move is another feature to consider. You likely want something that moves fluidly through the space and provides a smooth looking show. It is noteworthy to point out that when these two beams are compared when moving at a faster rate the Borealis, being larger and having a heavier weight is not quite as fast as the z4.

Noise Level

Noise level is something to think about depending on your venue. Pan tilt noise with both lights is incredibly reasonable, even when moving at the fastest speeds.


In conclusion, both lights are great lights with fantastic features that are quite comparable. The z4 does come at a much lower price and is lacking a few of the professional grade features but can absolutely meet the needs of a smaller venue with ease. As always, the decision really comes down to figuring out what is best for your individual needs.

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