H2H: Comparing the GAMMA TX-4 vs Chauvet Intimidator Spot 360 vs ADJ Focus Spot 2x

Go head-to-head in this video and see how the Intimidator Spot 360 compares to the GAMMA TX-4 and the ADJ Focus Spot 2X . Which one will be the winner? You tell me – https://www.learnstagelightinggear.com

Today we are looking at moving heads within the entry level realm of lighting for a small to mid-sized stage. The Intimidator Spot 360, the GAMMA TX4, and the ADJ Focus Spot 2x are all great lights for a small to mid-sized venue. They all have some fantastic features that are similar as well as some differences that might determine which one works best for you and your needs.


All three lights are comparable when it comes to wattage as far as the amount of light reaching your stage. Both the Intimidator Spot 360 and the ADJ Focus have a 100watt LED.

You will get a little extra oomph when it comes to the wattage of the Gamma TX-4 light, as it is 150watt LED. When it comes down to it though, the amount of things that the light needs to shine through to ultimately reach its destination, such as color wheels, gobo wheels, etc., will really effect the amount of light that comes out of the front of the lens.


These three lights are pretty evenly matched as far as the brightness. Brightness is measured in a couple different ways. Lumens are one way to measure brightness. You will typically find this measurement with projectors. This is the total light output that comes out as a whole.

The next way to measure is lux and foot-candles. Both of these methods measure light at a given point in space.

All three of these lights that we are discussing today have their measurements in lux.


The beam of the Intimidator 360 has a little bit of a hot spot in the center. This is not necessarily bad, but it will give a slightly higher reading.

The TX-4 is a bit more narrow than the Intimidator and not quite as bright but still really rather close.

The Focus Spot 2x is the least bright out of the three lights.


One of the things that really makes you lose light inside of a unit is when it has a wide range of zoom. You will typically lose light in zoom optics with wide ranges on spot fixtures.

Both the Focus Spot and the Intimidator have a manual zoom; the TX-4 does not. Manual zooms may not be the very best options because they can end up having lights at different zoom angles, or lights which may be on stands that make it difficult to reach the knobs to adjust the zoom when need be. Convenience wise, it’s just not the most ideal.

In Common

All of these lights have a couple things in common. They all have color wheels, they all have gobo wheels, and they all have prisms, but they all have them in different amounts.

While fairly equal in this feature set there are some slight differences. The ADJ and the Intimidator both have single gobo wheels, dual prisms, and single color wheels. They are all eight colors and likely have the same colors in them.

The TX-4 has a static gobo wheel which means it does not rotate; however, the prism does rotate. There are eight of these plus white.


There is a lot in common among the three fixtures discussed today. The TX-4 is definitely the highest quality and also has the quietest fan. The Intimidator and the Focus Spot are still great quality, but a bit less bright, the Intimidator being a little bit brighter between the two.

They all have locking power connections as well as DMX 3 pin throughs, they all have handles, and all mount with a single clamp. There is indeed much in common.

Ultimately when it comes to choosing which is right for you and your needs, they are all good choices. The TX-4 comes highly recommended simply due to great experiences with personal use and client reviews. The only real downside to the TX-4 is that you only have one prism rather than two. This is not typically an issue in a smaller show though as you will find you usually don’t need multiple prisms.

Another benefit of the TX-4 is a lower price, which comes in at about $100 less than the other two.

When it comes down to it, your choice is really up to what will work best for the show you have in mind.

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