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How to Go from No Lights to a Dynamic Band Lighting Show in Just 6 WeeksLighting Console Layout for Events with Camera (A.K.A Every Event)

Back in February of this year, I got a virtual knock on my door from a nice fellow named Pete, asking me for some extra help getting started with his band’s lighting.

The conversation that ensued inside of Learn Stage Lighting Labs was nothing short of fun!  Over the first 6 weeks, we were able to get Pete up and running from NO lighting knowledge to a dynamic band lighting show, automated to his music.

The best part is that Pete and his band now are able to grab headlining spots on local shows because of the perception that the lighting package gives them – all without having to pay a lighting operator.

I recently took the opportunity to bring Pete on Skype and talked about his journey, and where here’s at today.  Check it out:

Check out Jimmy Ringus on Bandcamp and Facebook.

How Did Pete Get Such a Great Lighting Show?

As he outlined in our interview, Pete first made sure to get the right lights and the right console in place.  This allowed him to put the focus into actually creating his lighting show, not just buying lights.

Pete ended up with Enttec DMXIS and ShowBuddy software to drive his Chauvet 4Bars and Slimpar 56’s.

DMXIS is a great piece of lighting console software that allows you to run your lighting show from a basic foot pedal on stage.  When you add in ShowBuddy, you get the ability to completely automate your lighting show to perfectly match your music.

The Chauvet 4Bar’s are up on the front corners of the stage, and you can see the Slimpar’s in the rear truss system.  The also have a few Chauvet Shockers that they added to the mix for a little strobe action on the drums.

Because Pete is a member of Learn Stage Lighting Labs, he was able to get the step-by-step instruction necessary to save time and money as he put together his rig.

Here’s the end result:

When Jimmy Ringus added lighting to their show, it took their performance up to a whole new level.  Not only did it give confidence, but it took the perception of their lighting show to a whole new level.

As Pete mentioned in the video, his success with lighting is due to the training and guidance that he received inside of Learn Stage Lighting Labs.

Do you want to light your band like this?  Stop floundering around and join us in Learn Stage Lighting Labs today by clicking here!

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