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Learn Stage Lighting Podcast Episode # 82

This week on the podcast we have our Q+A Tuesday and answer your questions! Be sure to tune in as we discuss moving heads, Onyx, and getting back to the basics.

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Lighting News! (4:30)

This week in lighting news, I’ve read some great articles in this month’s edition from PLSN.com. One of the articles I wanted to mention is about the company, Astera. This is a newer company and whether you realize it not you’ve most likely seen their products such as Astera Tubes. What this company has done is creates the best lighting product they can and they do listen to their customers.

The next article discusses LED’s and how to go about selecting the next LED’s for your setup. I enjoyed the perspective and there’s a lot of great information here, House Lights and How to Evaluate Them.

Lastly, there’s an article about lasers and I am starting to see more discussion about these. You can read the article, A Smart Partnership. It’s something I’ve started to venture into and work with myself to help educate others on this topic. It’s definitely working it’s way to the entry-level of lighting and there’s a lot to learn and abide by when working with lasters.

Main Segment (13:41)

Questions are submitted through the contact form on Learn Stage Lighting. If you have a question you would like to share be sure to submit it here, Contact Form.

With episodes a couple of weeks apart my inbox for these questions do build up quickly and I would love to do more episode during the month. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Learn Stage Lighting Patreon. There are different levels of support and every bit helps us to create more content and help create great tools for you.

Jonathan (14:05): How can I control my fixtures with two different controllers, one with ShowExpress through the Chauvet Chauvet DJ DMX-AN2 and one with Resolume sending the colors of the videos I use? Is there any way? I can build a universe through Resolume but how would I control it using the ShowExpress software?

When you’re working with a media server and lighting console and you want to work with them separately, there are a few ways to make this work. You need to merge the DMX and you should be able to do this within the lighting console. DMX goes through the lighting console and connects to Resolume, Resolume then merges the DMX and then sends it out.

The next scenario is if you are using a different Artnet node, some of them provide the ability to do the DMX merging.

The next option is you can send the information from Resolume to ShowExpress. Then, ShowExpress can either output what Resolume is sending to it or it can output the information Resolume is sending in. There are many different options for you to work with.

Ryan (17:47): Hi, I saw that Onyx is capable of setting cues from timecode that is input to Onyx. Can you recommend some computer-based audio player software that could be run on a separate computer and then send the timecode to Onyx via the network?

Yes, the program I would recommend checking into is TimeLord and should do everything that you need it to do. You can check it out here, TimeLord.

Sue (18:46): I am in the market for a new lightboard at my middle school. My previous board was an Avolite Sapphire 2000 and I am in search of something user-friendly for my students and in the $2500- $3500 range. I would appreciate any suggestions!

Currently, I am not sure what types of lights you are working with so I will try to provide some valuable feedback. With working with an Avolite Sapphire I would assume that you may have some moving lights but you mostly work with conventional lights.

It also depends on what you are wanting to accomplish with your lighting. For starters, I like to recommend ENNTEC’s DMXis and LightKey for Mac users. You can read more about these below.

How to Program with DMXIS
LightKey Full Review

These are really good entry-level options to get started with and easier to learn. If you are considering working more of a professional-grade console then I would consider the LightShark or the Onyx console. You can read more about these in the articles below.

What is the LightShark?
How Do I Begin with ONYX?

Bill (22:20) Hi David, I’ve enjoyed your tutorial videos on setting up and programming the Onyx PC, but I can’t figure out how to label or name cues. In your tutorials, you show how to label the first cue in a cuelist, but how do I label the next few as I make cues?

When making your first cue, what you are actually labeling is your cue list and then you will see cue 1, cue 2, and so on. Depending on what views you are using you want to find cue list values and when you get to that window you will select the cue list, and there’s an edit mode at the top. Toggle the edit mode on and you can rename your cues.

Filip (23:38): Hello! I’ve seen your video tutorial “How to Connect DMXIS with the Capture 3D Visualizer” and I would like to ask if there’s a way to connect DMXIS with the Capture (or any other visualizer) by USB-DMX. In your tutorial, you describe a way to connect it via ArtNet. In my case I have DMXis and some generic USB-DMX interface, so I thought I would run an Ableton Live project to control DMXis and then connect the output of DMXis to the USB-DMX Interface connected to another computer running Capture (or any other visualiser). I tried freestyler with 3D easy view, but I found out, that Freestyler can only output DMX, not to read it. Then I turned to Capture, but I kinda can’t find a way to get the USB-DMX to work with Capture. Can you, please, help me with this? Am I doing something wrong, or do I need specific hardware to run USB-DMX with Capture? If so, can you recommend any other software that can visualize DMX going in and can be used with generic USB-DMX?

If you are working on a computer and trying to work with two USB to DMX programs at once it will not work. It may be an issue with the drivers or something of that nature. If you really need to do it then the best option is to get another computer and run the visualizer on that computer only.

Nottus (25:51): What would you recommend as a good moving head at an affordable price?

Unfortunately, there is no blanket response for this so I’m going to recommend checking out this article, What Lights Should I Buy?

It always depends on what you need, what you are trying to accomplish, and what equipment are you looking for?

Tony (28:00): I have been using the ENTTEC DMXis system for over a year and it works great. Now, I am trying to add a Chauvet Geyser P7 and a Chauvet ScorpFXRGB RGB DMX Laser Effect and I do not see a listing in the fixtures listing. I assigned a 3 channel par to the geyser, which allows me to toggle the smoke machine on and off, but I can’t control anything else. The Geyser has 15 channels…. how do I make this thing work? I haven’t tried hooking up the Laser yet….. HELP?

I’m going to help walk you through the basics and then I am going to recommend checking out Learn Stage Lighting Labs. This is something we run into very often and we do help a lot of members with this particular issue.

Getting fixtures set up on the library can be a daunting task and I have a tutorial to try to help walk people through it, you can check it out here: How Do I Create and Install My Own Fixture Library for DMXis, D-Pro, or Show Buddy Active?

First, you want to find the manual, then pull up a chart that has all of the DMX Channels and what they do. Then you program this into the DMXis fixture builder, download that, bring it into DMXis, and you’ll be ready to roll.

Kirk (31:04): I have a very small space 20 by 40 how many LEDs?

Unfortunately, there is no blanket response for this so I’m going to recommend checking out this article, What Lights Should I Buy?

It always depends on what you need, what you are trying to accomplish, and what equipment are you looking for?

Robert (32:00): We have a NSI 2408 dimmer pack. Is it possible to swap out our incandescent bulbs for LED? Although I don’t think rgb LEDs would have a way to communicate colors control. But possibly single colors, dimable LEDs.

Any LED that is dimmable can work with your setup. You do want to try to find the brightest dimmable LED. If you look up the specs for the bulb you are replacing then you can try to find an LED Bulb that would be comparable.

Phillips has good bulbs but I’ve had good luck with the brand Hyperikon and you can find them on Amazon.

Closing (34:35)

Thank you so much for tuning into and I hope you enjoyed podcast episode. Don’t forget this is your last chance to sign up on Learn Stage Lighting Labs to enter in for a chance to win a giveaway for a FREE NX-DMX (a $300 value).

We will see you in the next episode!

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