September 29


Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to episode 107 for the Learn Stage Lighting podcast. It’s been a bit since we’ve done an episode here and to be honest it’s been very busy!

During this pandemic I’ve seen some production companies doing very well during these times while others are really struggling. If you happen to be one of the ones that has been struggling, I recommend looking into installations or offering live stream services. Those areas in production seem to have some needs.

Lighting News (2:04)

I’ve been considering the different directions for the podcast and I am excited to launch a new segment called “Why?” this upcoming month. Working with those in lighting and even another project I launched, Learn Christmas Lighting, I get a lot of questions that ask why?

Main Segment (5:36)

For 2020, worldwide we saw shutdowns everywhere during March and April. That shifted to performances to being live streamed, to drive-in events and concerts, to live events being broadcasted.

During this, we’re seeing some very creative ways to provide entertainment. One of these was Tempo by Eamotion, which was a driving course that took place on a race track that had you wiggle through different lights and displays.

This type of event provides a couple of different opportunities such as helping the public with their mental health, offering paid work for the live event industry, and finding different ways to experiences the public.

At this time, it does look like that Covid-19 will not be going away anytime soon. So seeing these type of events is encouraging for those that want to go out as well as those in the entertainment industry.

Personally, besides these live events, there are still conferences happening that is taking place virtually such as Salt Community. These are happening with the church community as well as other communities so be sure to keep an eye out on these.

Closing (22:45)

While this year has been a hurdle for the current situation, not every business is hurting and the public still wants to spend money to go do things. It’s been a tough year but in most places it’s not a recession.

Thank you for joining us today and I hope this helped bring some inspiration for the “new” live events. We hope to see you in the next episode and join us for the new Why series!

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