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 March 27

by Lyn

This is Episode 9 of Learn Stage Lighting Podcast.

Today David is going to examine Art-Net and sACN in a less technical view.

You know when you hit 512 channels you run out of space and that is why we have networkable DMX. You can just run 1 Ethernet Cable and solve your problem.  Because it is DMX over a network.  The benefit to you is you don’t have to run a bunch of DMX lines back to the stage when you’re working with multiple DMX Universes.

Interested in what David has to say about this topic? Listen to this informational Episode on Art-Net and sACN.


Video on Art-Net and sACN (and links to nodes mentioned) 

Enttec Storm 24- Art-Net / sACN node

Show Networks and Control Systems

Chauvet DMX-AN review


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Igor: What lighting software is best for BPM synching?

Chauvet ShowXpress
Enttec D-Pro


Shaul: The Chinese are flooding the market with cheaper lighting and do you have an opinion on it…. are these inferior.?

Elation Lighting 
Chauvet Lighting
Blizzard Lighting
ADJ Lighting 

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