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Learn Stage Lighting PodcastThis week on the Podcast we have our Free Q+A Tuesday! These are questions sent to me from Listeners just like you. I’ll walk them through the thought process and give them my suggestions on the solution.

If you’re new here and you’re not sure how or where to get started with your lighting be sure to take this Quiz and I will send you a Guide based on your answers to help get you pointed in the right direction.

How to Begin with Lighting Quiz

Lighting News! (1:34)

This past week we had the Super Bowl which is a huge event hosted each year. One of the best parts is the Halftime Show. It’s a huge production that takes a lot of preparation and teamwork to make it happen.

What I liked about this year’s show is how the lighting and visual effects were not overdone. I feel like this a great lesson because you want the lighting to be great but you don’t want it to overpower the performance.

There’s a couple of articles about the production of the Halftime Show, which is a great read. These articles go into how the show was set up and why they did the things they did for the show. Be sure to check it out!

Bob Barnhart Lights The Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

How The Super Bowl Halftime Show Gets Set Up in Just Six Minutes

Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Main Segment: Your Questions Answered! (6:40)

Free Q+A Tuesday is where I respond to questions from Listeners just like you! If you have a question you would like to share be sure to submit it here: Contact Form

Alain (7:21) Which lights would you recommend using on a budget to illuminate worship band on stage? We are trying to avoid the high wattage lamps due to heat and energy needs, however, LEDs for that use seem to be very expensive. Currently, we are temporarily using our DMX controlled motion lights for this but they emit too much glare when trying to record a live video. Wanted to replace these motion lights with fixed lights to only be used for the band.

Hope you can help me figure this out. Your videos have also been helpful. I just bought the DMXIS controller so I need to learn that soon as well. Our plan is to incorporate DMXIS with Ableton Live (also a new project coming soon)

As you may have noticed LED’s that make white and look nice is really expensive. With church lighting and only using them 8 – 12 hours a week, shouldn’t significantly affect the bills.

What I would recommend is getting the brightest light for your space. Especially with only using these lights during the weekend services. As for the glare, you’ll want to find out what is causing the glare.

You don’t have to go with LED but if you do then make sure you go with one that gives you the even wash you want it to. I would even suggest looking at Conventional Par Cams and see if those would make it happen for you. A good brand to check is Chauvet DJ which has been putting out some great stuff lately.

Also, since you are starting out and buying new equipment I do recommend checking out Learn Stage Lighting Labs. We have a fantastic Forum, personalized support, as well as an Action Plan, Lighting for Video, to get you started.

Stew (13:23) I’m using a DMXIS interface to run lights from Ableton at the moment. To tighten set up time, send band cues to individual channels and improve performance stability I’ve purchased a Cymatic UTrack24 which allows us to play multi-tracks and send MiDi from a USB stick. It’s flawless on the audio side. 

However, I’m kinda stuck on how to send the midi information to the DMXIS interface correctly. Or even if it can be done at all. Is there a way to put all the midi into one track for the UTrack to send where DMXIS will see both the bank and the preset?? Would you have any idea on where I should start? 

Basically, what you’re looking to do is send out MiDi signal on Controlled Channels 15 and 16 to control your DMXIS presets. It’s going to output MiDi as a 5 pin MiDi.

You’ll want to get a USB to MiDi Interface, which is pretty common and inexpensive. What this will do is allow you to bring the MiDi into the computer from the USB.

Inside of DMXIS select the MiDi USB, set it up as the MiDi Interface you’re using, from there you should be able to send the controlled channel messages. You can check the DMXIS Manual for the exact messages you need to send.

You’ll send those controlled channel messages out of the unit, through a 5 Pin MiDi Cable, to the USB MiDi Cable, into your computer, which will bring it into DMXIS. Then channels 15 and 16 should control your DMXIS Presets.

Dante (15:40) I’m a big fan of all of your YouTube videos. Thank you for those I’ve recently tried to go now to Luminair 3 on an iPad through a DMX-AN, regular router. After watching your video of trying to program I’m having a world of a Time. Can’t figure it out based off of your video of how to hook this up and then make the adjustments. Please help me!

I would suggest going into Luminair and checking your ArtNet Settings. Set it up to send out Artnet, set the IP Address, and set the Universe you are sending. Here is a Tutorial Video that can help you set this up.

Luminair & ODE: DMX Lighting with iPhone iPad How-To Part 1

Frank (18:34) I have reviewed your site and would like to ask a question reference wired and wireless DMX in a specific application. Can you have a wireless DMX transceiver (SHoW Baby) in Tx mode send DMX to another transceiver in Rx mode, then hardwire and daisy chain other fixtures after the Wireless DMX transceiver in Rx Mode? So the chain would be.

The computer is running DMX software USB to DMXIS. DMXIS out to SHoW Baby 6 in (Tx)
SHoW Baby 6 in Rx with DMX cable out to fixture 1, cable to fixture 2, cable to fixture 3, terminate.

Fixtures are RGB LED Tape connected to DMX Decoder and run with battery power supply.

How reliable would this setup be? How quick would this be to set up (need to complete in under 1 min)? The application is for Indoor Percussion Shows.

The answer is Yes, this set up would work. As for reliability, it comes down to the kind of equipment you’re working with. There may be certain venues where the wireless isn’t set up as it should be and that may be an issue for your equipment.

When it comes down to it when you’re working with Wireless you can’t guarantee that everything will work as it’s supposed to. I would recommend checking out RC4 Wireless, that have units that drive the LED Tape directly. They have some great units, so be sure to check their 900 megahertz items.

Closing (25:30)

If you have a question you would like to share be sure to submit it here: Contact Form and I can answer your question on the next Q+A Tuesday.

If you’re new here and you’re not sure how or where to get started with your lighting be sure to take this Quiz and I will send you a Guide based on your answers to help get you pointed in the right direction.

How to Begin with Lighting Quiz

On Next Week’s Show, we’re going to be talking about how do you run your lighting from Stage so be sure to tune in!


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