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Learn Stage Lighting PodcastThis week on the Podcast we are continuing the Free Q+A Tuesday from last week’s show and answering questions from our Listeners. This is where I take questions from listeners and walk them through my thought process.

This Podcast has come a long way and as we take on 2019 I’m hoping to hear from you about what you would like to see on the show. Is it more interviews, more conversations about certain topics,  interviews with certain individuals?

We have a survey available that will only take a few minutes of your time. It would be greatly appreciated and we would love to hear from you.

2019 Podcast Survey

Main Segment (2:25)

Ed (2:30) Can you use show buddy when you don’t use backing tracks? Is there a way to key it to something off your instruments? We don’t use midi. We do have studio one and DMXIS.

Showbuddy is only used for backing tracks, it’s just a lightweight digital audio workstation. So, it seems you do not need to use Showbuddy.

The Studio One does have a VST Plugin. You can install DMXIS as a VST and be able to use DMXIS inside of Studio One. The other way to do this is set up MIDI Tracks out of Studio One and send it out to DMXIS. With either option, you should be able to use DMXIS with Studio One. If you do get stuck on how to set this up, be sure to check the DMXIS Manual for instructions.

Victor (5:40) Please do a video on youtube about “Ultra DMX2 PRO – USB DMX”. Also, I’ve found the same with PoE and I’m not sure which one to choose.

DMX King is a brand out of New Zealand that doesn’t offer the best support. I don’t recommend DMX King because I have tried a couple of their products and it wasn’t a good experience. I do suggest going with a more reputable and established product such as Chauvet DMX-AN, ENTTECT ODE, or Elation’s Enode 2. With these brands, you can actually speak to support and their warranties are great.

PoE is Power over Ethernet which is a way for devices that don’t use a lot of power but can get power over the network. This is a strategy used when you’re working with multiple devices. If you’re only purchasing one, then you’re better off going with just a standard power connection.

I do recommend checking out the Chauvet DMX-AN and it may be a good fit for you. You can read more on the Review: Chauvet DMX-AN.

Jay (11:45) For starting out doing low budget lighting for a cover band would you recommend? I’ve been debating the Show Express vs DMXIS.

I would recommend DMXIS every time because it’s very easy to program.  It’s very easy to run from the station or have a person going through the cues.

Show Express is going to be better if you have someone that is available to run the lighting.

Troy (13:40) I’m having a hard time with front lighting and only have a small rig 8 led 4 ch wash 2 pin spots. But I do have 4 racks of par 56. 500w with peanut bulbs and 2 adj scanners I was going to invest in some small moving heads. I have 1 truss system 10 feet wide and can go up to 12 feet 2 stands that can hold 4 more lights.

When working with front lighting and with a band you’re going to have those lights set up close to the stage. In these types of setups, you want to get the widest beam angle so you can light up more on the stage. Most of the smaller budget lights have a more narrow beam and won’t be able to light up the entire band. So be sure to look for fixtures that have a wide beam.

A great article to read more on this is What is Beam Angle? What is Field Angle? Why Does it Matter?

John (16:40) I want to run my lights from a midi foot controller, I have an American DJ DMX operator, have you tried this for a band?

The problem with these type of consoles is that you don’t normally get the kind of control that you need. If you want to a MIDI Foot Controller to work with this console will have to be completely customizable. You would have to memorize the cues which can be difficult because this DJ DMX is not customizable.

ENTTEC DMXis is software often used by bands because you have complete control and you can have a foot pedal to run the lights while you are on stage. There is an article that dives into more about how to run your lights from the stage, be sure to check it out!

How Do I Run My Show From Stage?

Joshua (20:11) I have personally been doing lighting since I was in high school and it is what I fell in love with and have wanted to do it full time for years. My big question is followed by my story. How do I build my own clients?

My recommendation to you is that this will take time, it will not be easy. I recommend Teaching because people will buy from those whom they trust. For the clients or leads, you have found and offer a Free or Low Price Training Session. Offer to teach them to work better with the equipment they have.

At the end of the session offer to go through their av system and make suggestions on where they can upgrade or make changes. Focus on teaching people and then pivot to business. Word of Mouth and Referrals is a very powerful marketing tool.


Chris (26:30) I am a high school band teacher in North Dakota. I am helping my school upgrade our lighting system for our school theater. We are switching to an LED DMX system. I am looking for a recommendation for overhead wash lights on the stage. These lights would be used to provide overhead lighting for the concert band and other musical ensembles when on stage and other musical groups (help them see their music) as well as for theater productions. I am currently considering ADJ Cannon wash lights. Would these make good overhead wash lights for this purpose? Do you have any other recommended lights to serve this function?

There are a lot of great brands out there including ADJ, Elation, and Chauvet. One thing you may want to try is to get a Demo from your local dealer so that you can see how it works out for your setup.

I do suggest putting these lights on a DMX Realy. What this will do is turn off the lights automatically when not in use. This is very beneficial and I explain that more in this article:

Should I Leave My Lights On All The Time? DMX Relays and Sequencers 101

A lot of people have noticed that fixtures left on all the time use a lot of power and they tend to go out quicker. If these fixtures are left on for a long time the power supply will most likely go out.

Kyeyune (29:34) How do they do uplighting on the stage?

Uplighting is just a light that is pointed up. Generally, you’re going to have a surface. It may be a wall or even a band member. Uplighting is as simple as finding a light fixture to fit in the area and point it up. There’s a lot of different things you can experiment with this method to find what works best for you.

Suum (31:15) Which software do you recommend David? Mydmx 3.0 or DMXIS? What’s their difference, advantage, and disadvantage? Does DMXIS have blind edit like mydmx 3.0?

Could you advise me, please? I’m serving at church and we are going to upgrade to software control. As I am from Myanmar, difficulties in shopping online and shipping, and also the cost, it’s really important to make the right decision only for once.

DMXIS is software I do recommend over MyDMX because it is more stable and reliable. I do have an article about choosing the first lighting console that can help get you pointed in the right direction.

How Do I Choose My First (or Next) Lighting Console?

Jacob (32:37) We use a Jester ML 24 at our church and currently use the dimmers to control our 2x led lights running on the same DMX channel. I would love to assign these as fixtures. I’m not sure how familiar you are with this board and finding things online is extremely hard. The lights we are using are unbranded lights and aren’t in the fixture library. Any tips on the best way to assign these if you are familiar with the board? 

I’m not familiar with this model but with the ML I would assume that means Moving Lights. When you go to program a moving light or LED you are setting up a Profile. You can go to Assign Fixture and select the brand and model. For this case, you might be best to contact support.

You’ll want to know what your channels are and when selecting the Brand I would suggest selecting Generic and select the type of fixture it closely matches up with.

Closing (35:45)

Whether you are new here or been listening for a while I would like to invite you to our Podcast Survey. We would like to know what kind of topics our listeners want to hear about.

We have a survey available that will only take a few minutes of your time. It would be greatly appreciated and we would love to hear from you.

2019 Podcast Survey

Be sure to tune in next week as we talk about Media. I get a lot of questions about media servers and how to add video to your lighting. See you next week!

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