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 July 3

by David

Main Segment

The past couple of weeks we have been covering the 4 Letter Formula to Make Great Lighting Design: IFCB. Last week we covered the I = Intensity. If you missed last week’s podcast be sure to check it out: How Do I Use Intensity In My Lighting?

F, in the 4 Letter Formula, stands for Focus.

Focus is what you are doing to draw the audience’s attention to a certain part of the stage.

Focus and Positioning

For me, focus isn’t the same as position because it goes deeper than that. You don’t have to have moving lights to create focus. But if you do have moving lights this would be one of the ways to create focus on your stage.

Using Intensity

If you don’t have moving lights you can use Intensity to help bring focus. You can do this by turning the lights on, off, or even dimming the light.

Using Color

Highlighting a certain part of the stage is a great way to help bring focus. For example, if you light the stage with a blue, red or darker color you can bring focus to the stage by lack of color or white light.

Using Position

Using Gobos, Beams, Pan or Tilt to help draw attention where you want people to focus on the stage.


Whether you have moving lights or not the most important thing to remember is using all of the attributes or tools available to you to make great lighting. Whether you use position, intensity, or color the important piece to remember is where do you want the audience to focus.

It’s really not that complex! Just use it!


Shiva: I’m a Lighting Designer based in India. I just bought a Martin (Now Elation) M-DMX Interface. He wants to know how to use M-DMX and patch it to his lighting Fixtures.

There are a couple of things to get you started. When using a M-PC or M-Series Console they all use the same software. On Youtube, I do have a series of videos to help get you started! M-PC Youtube Videos

If your lights are still not coming up we are going to check a setting.

  • Launch M-PC, go to the Blue Dot in the Upper Left Corner.
  • Click Menu, then System, and click DMX Setting.
  • On the bottom, it should say from USB to DMX.
  • When you click USB to DMX you have the ability to assign the DMX Universe you want to control.

Glenn: Is a Magician or Illusionist that does small shows ranging from  6 – 100 People. For shows with a larger gathering (20+), what equipment can he use for lighting, DMX Control, etc?

For under $1000 or less, depending if you want the back light, I would recommend getting 2 LED Par Cans. Either Elation, Chauvet, or Blizzard, and then complimenting that with some control thru ENTTEC’s DMXis.

Blizzard LB Par Hex

Chauvet Slimpar 56 RGBA

Next week we have James and Crystal from ENTTEC join us on the show to talk about colors and how to use it in your lighting.

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